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The eBulletin of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is a fast, convenient way to stay informed about parliamentary involvement in international affairs. Its main ambition is to bring parliamentarians closer to global issues by sharing information and analysis from the perspective of the IPU. The eBulletin is published in English and French.


   Issue No.29, 19 December
buttonEntry page
button Shaping gender-sensitive parliaments
buttonCan parliamentarians strike a balance between work and family life?
button Creating gender-sensitive policy frameworks for parliament
buttonGender equality as a shared responsibility
buttonThe Durban Conference: a new trajectory for the global climate regime
buttonParliamentary Forum at Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
buttonParliamentary Hearing at the UN
buttonThe IPU supports the transition to a modern, democratic parliament in Egypt

   Issue No.28, 7 September
buttonEntry page
buttonAbout the International Day of Democracy
buttonWhat do citizens expect from their parliament?
button Get involved in the International Day of Democracy

   Issue No.27, 3 June
buttonEntry page
button Some thoughts on parliamentary diplomacy
buttonPanama Assembly: spotlight on political parties and elections
button HIV: Universal access still out of reach
buttonParliamentarians want more cooperation on cybersecurity
buttonParliament and the fight against child trafficking and child labour
buttonLeast Developed Countries: new agreement meets the expectations of parliaments

   Issue No.26, 6 April
buttonEntry page
button Lessons for democracy?
buttonIPU experts in Tunisia
button IPU Secretary General to UN Human Rights Council: involve parliaments
buttonFilipino Senator thanks IPU Committee for his release
buttonIPU releases data on women in politics for 2010
buttonTaking legislative action to end violence against women and girls
buttonParliamentary Conference on the WTO

   Issue No.25, 22 December
buttonEntry page
button Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the UN: Rethinking development, retooling global governance
buttonUN Resolution boosts relations with parliaments and the IPU
button Political support grows for the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples
buttonPresident Gurirab calls for involvement of parliaments on World Aids Day
buttonGender issues at the heart of parliamentary debate
buttonParliaments take action on violence against women
buttonCancún: parliamentarians speak out

   Issue No.24, 25 October
buttonEntry page
buttonUnited Nations MDG Summit
buttonIPU Assembly debates election violence …
button … and political party financing
buttonGet involved, Gurirab tells young people
buttonJustice as a double-edged sword: the IPU returns to Colombia
buttonPacific Parliaments eyeing IPU membership
buttonWorld trade facing new challenges

   Issue No.23, 20 August
buttonEntry page
button 3rd World Conference of Speakers of Parliament held in Geneva
buttonWeak accountability of aid is highlighted at major UN forum
button Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians: three highlights
buttonCEDAW: stopping violence against women in the Arab world
buttonIPU at the International AIDS Conference
buttonWomen Speakers convene in Bern

   Issue No.22, 15 June
buttonEntry page
buttonLegislators for a nuclear weapons-free world
buttonParliamentarians join the Third Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
button Respect for fair trial paramount in Colombian "para-political" proceedings
buttonPreventing and combating violence against women in Latin America
buttonThird Parliamentary Forum on Shaping the Information Society
buttonGuidance note for MPs on aid effectiveness breaks new ground

   Issue No.21, 23 March
buttonEntry page
buttonGender equality and parliaments: 15 years after Beijing
buttonWomen's representation in politics remains a challenge
button Female genital mutilation: Men take action
buttonHIV and AIDS regional initiatives for Asia
buttonMillennium Development Goals' assessment: your participation is crucial
buttonEuropean parliamentarians in the fight against human trafficking
buttonParliamentary oversight of climate change negotiations

   Issue No.20, 4 December
buttonEntry page
buttonEconomic crisis: MPs take stock of measures at UN-IPU Hearing
buttonIPU Assembly concludes with major decisions
buttonKeeping the WTO in the spotlight of parliamentary attention
buttonParliamentarians voice their commitment to combating food insecurity
buttonMembers of parliament mark the 30th anniversary of CEDAW
buttonEvolving standards for measuring parliamentary performance
buttonWorld e-Parliament Conference 2009: Using technology to enhance democracy

   Issue No.19, 15 October
buttonEntry page
buttonParliamentary Conference on Democracy in Africa
buttonIs parliament open to women?
buttonPromoting inclusive parliamentary practice in Burundi
buttonStrategies to eliminate violence against children in Latin America
buttonRe-introducing the imperative mandate?
buttonEnhancing the parliamentary response to HIV/AIDS
buttonInternational Day of Democracy 2009: Global public opinion survey

   Issue No.18, 12 August
buttonEntry page
buttonWomen Speakers of Parliament discuss violence against women
buttonGlobal economic downturn a challenge for local MPs as well
buttonPreparing the ground for major world debates on climate change and HIV/AIDS
buttonUN says response to global crisis must also involve parliaments
buttonSilence is violence: end the abuse of women in Afghanistan
buttonInvolvement of parliamentarians in reconciliation in the Great Lakes countries
buttonFirst Preparatory Committee meeting for next World Conference of Speakers of Parliament

   Issue No.17, 6 June
buttonEntry page
buttonMitigating the global economic crisis through enhanced parliamentary oversight
buttonTowards effective nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
buttonJordan MPs discuss discriminatory laws against women
buttonStop the world: we want to get on
buttonGearing up for the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
buttonMapping out reconciliation process in Sierra Leone
buttonCombatting human trafficking

   Issue No.16, 25 March
buttonEntry page
buttonAddressing the global economic and financial crisis
buttonEqual sharing of care responsibilities at the heart of women’s empowerment
buttonIPU field mission to Viet Nam examines One United Nations reform
buttonIPU Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS at work in South Africa
buttonEnthusiastic response to IPU's self-assessment toolkit for parliaments
buttonProgress in an important human rights case
buttonIPU President tours the Middle East

   Issue No.15, 12 December
buttonEntry page
buttonBuilding national ownership of the "One UN reform"
buttonParliamentarians' information and knowledge needs
buttonParliamentarians take action on maternal and newborn health
buttonFollow-up International Conference on Financing for Development
buttonParliament of Kenya partners with IPU to drive reconciliation agenda
buttonInter-community dialogue on human rights and promoting a culture of peace
buttonHearing at UN: Peacekeeping and prevention of conflict

   Issue No.14, 3 October
buttonEntry page
buttonFirst International Day of Democracy celebrated across the world
buttonIPU briefs members of parliament attending the UN General Assembly
buttonParliamentary fact-finding mission to Tanzania
buttonWashington panel: human rights and democracy inextricably linked
buttonIPU co-chairs session on Governance Challenge in Africa
buttonParliamentary leadership in the response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic
buttonNew toolkit for evaluating parliamentary performance
buttonUrgent need to conclude the Doha Round

   Issue No.13, 30 July
buttonEntry page
buttonNew UN forum highlights parliaments’ role in foreign aid reform
buttonIncreased parliamentary involvement in the aftermath of conflict
buttonWomen’s influence on politics is on the rise, but gender equality is a long way off
buttonComprehensive programme supporting the Parliament of Togo gets under way
buttonIPU brings parliamentary dimension to peacebuilding and reconciliation
buttonZimbabwe: relegate political violence to the past
buttonPreparations under way for the International Day of Democracy

   Issue No.12, 5 June
buttonEntry page
buttonIPU Assembly in Cape Town focuses on development
buttonEnhancing foreign aid: the parliamentary route
buttonManaging migration on the African continent
buttonZimbabwe elections: a cause for grave concern at IPU Assembly in Cape Town
buttonFighting social and economic inequality and organized crime in Central America
buttonIPU closes its longest-standing human rights case
buttonCountdown participants commit to action

   Issue No.11, 20 March
buttonEntry page
buttonWhere is the money for gender equality ?
buttonIPU joins United Nations thematic debate on climate change
buttonDonor support for IPU activities
buttonPutting Parliaments in Southern Africa at the heart of security challenges
buttonIPU and UN to build greater awareness by parliamentarians on human trafficking
buttonIPU President in the Middle East
buttonLaunch of the first World e-Parliament Report

   Issue No.10, 7 December
buttonEntry page
buttonCall for observance of the International Day of Democracy
buttonIs trade killing our planet?
buttonPanel discussion on Capitol Hill draws attention to violence against girls
buttonPromoting human rights in French-speaking African countries
buttonParliamentarians meet in Lisbon to discuss decent work
buttonExploratory mission to the new Parliament of Sierra Leone
buttonNew York Hearing sets new milestone in IPU-UN relationship

   Issue No.9, 28 September
buttonEntry page
buttonIPU joins the Group of Friends of the Alliance of Civilizations
buttonGender-sensitive budgets are key to economic efficiency
buttonMembers of parliament join the global fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic
buttonNew efforts to help the plight of some 200 legislators around the world
buttonPractising what it preaches: IPU makes its own budget "green"
buttonIPU-UNICEF partnership on agenda of UNICEF's Executive Board
buttonHandbook: Shedding light on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

   Issue No.8, 18 July
buttonEntry page
buttonUN Secretary-General visits IPU Headquarters in Geneva
buttonParliamentarians join forces to rebuild trust in government
buttonWashington panel: parliaments must work together to combat HIV/AIDS
buttonIPU launches project to support women MPs in Burundi
buttonWTO Director-General: an interim agreement still within reach
buttonSouth Asian MPs to ensure respect for rights of children in conflict with the law
buttonParliamentary oversight key to making aid dollars work, concludes UN meeting
buttonIPU President meets with the Congressional leadership

   Issue No.7, 5 June
buttonEntry page
buttonClimate change reports make waves among parliamentarians
buttonA snapshot of the world's parliamentary elections in 2006
buttonCriminal case against Philippines MPs dismissed following on-site visit to Manila
buttonDonors and practitioners of assistance to parliaments seek greater effectiveness
buttonTwo new handbooks seek to mobilize MPs against violence
button116th IPU Assembly: Green light to Parliamentary Committee on UN Affairs

   Issue No.6, 20 March
buttonEntry page
buttonThird Annual Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament
buttonHelping Parliament in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
buttonGlobal employment situation stagnating, MPs find at UN meeting
buttonParliament: guarantor of fundamental freedoms in the information society
buttonElucidating the assassination of a prominent MP in Bangladesh
buttonEvent of the month: Combating violence against the girl child

   Issue No.5, 12 December
buttonEntry page
buttonLatest resolution boosts partnership with the United Nations
buttonAction to combat discrimination and violence against women
button3-year parliamentary roadmap for the development of democracy
buttonLaw and justice: the case for parliamentary scrutiny
buttonDealing with the crisis of representation: finding solutions
buttonNew global centre to boost ICTs in parliaments around the world
buttonEvent of the month: Parliamentary Conference on the WTO

   Issue No.4, 30 September
buttonEntry page
buttonIPU delegation praises UN but finds key reforms still needed
buttonThe role of parliaments in the good governance of least developed counties
buttonIPU joins UN in promoting a new convention on the rights of people with disabilities
buttonAsian parliamentarians call for a new security architecture to deal with emerging security threats
buttonCapacity-building for parliaments on sustainable development
buttonInterview with the IPU President, Mr. Pier Ferdinando Casini

   Issue No.3, 6 July
buttonEntry page
buttonBuilding up a parliamentary dimension of the WTO
buttonIPU and US Congress say more needs to be done to strengthen parliamentary institutions worldwide
buttonAfrica's development needs are dramatically illustrated during IPU Assembly in Kenya
buttonParliamentarians organize against HIV/AIDS during major UN meeting
buttonLearning lessons from the past, setting standards for the future

   Issue No.2, 27 April
buttonEntry page
buttonUN reform opens prospects for more structured cooperation with parliaments
buttonForthcoming IPU Assembly to focus on African continent
buttonIPU and UNDP join hands to boost capacities in newly established Afghan parliament
buttonParliamentary meeting highlights the politics of water
buttonStrengthening parliamentary oversight of the security sector in Moldova
buttonSeeking to shed light on the murder of a prominent Mongolian MP
buttonInterview with the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Jan Eliasson

   Issue No.1, 15 March
buttonEntry page
buttonIPU at the United Nations: Standing up for women
buttonIPU assists new Burundian parliament
buttonCurbing the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons
buttonNew edition of groundbreaking publication on free and fair elections
buttonWomen politicians make inroads worldwide
buttonMs. Ann Clwyd: Testimony on the human rights of parliamentarians

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