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Resolution adopted unanimously by the IPU Council
at its 171st session (Geneva, 27 September 2002)

The Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,

Referring to the outline of the case of Mr. Miguel Angel Pavón Salazar of Honduras, as contained in the report of the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians (CL/171/12(a)­R.1), and to the relevant resolution adopted at its 170th session (March 2002),

Taking account of the communications from the President of the National Congress, dated 8 May 2002 (received on 25 June 2002), and from the Office of the National Commissioner on Human Rights, dated 29 May and 3 September 2002,

Recalling that the investigation into Mr. Pavón's murder was reopened in July 1996 owing to the insistence of the National Congress and led to the identification of Mr. Rosales and Mr. Quiñones as presumed culprits; however, apart from the issuing, on 5 June 2000, of an international arrest warrant for Mr. Rosales and a request of 23 August 2000 to the General Directorate of Population and Migration for data on his migration movements, no other investigative action has been taken; as regards Mr. Quiñones, he lost his life in an accident during Hurricane Mitch and was officially declared dead on 19 September 2000, the cause of death being established as "drowning",

Considering that, at the instance of the Chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Committee, Mr. Orle Solís, a meeting took place on 27 May 2002 between the Office of the National Human Rights Commissioner, the Special Human Rights Prosecutor and Mr. Solís with a view to reactivating the investigation in this case; it was agreed to coordinate action and information to this end and to discuss a joint work plan; the Office of the Special Human Rights Prosecutor undertook: (i) to obtain information on the outcome of the inquiry into Mr. Rosales's migratory movements; (ii) to take official note of the issuing of the international arrest warrant; (iii) to obtain more information on the physical appearance of Mr. Rosales; (iv) to request assistance from the Office of the Secretary of State in order to establish his whereabouts in the United States; (v) to instruct the competent Prosecutor with regard to the proper monitoring of the investigation; and (vi) to coordinate efforts with the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner and Parliament's Human Rights Committee,

Noting that on 3 September 2002 the Office of the National Commissioner for Human Rights reported that, in the light of conflicting information as to whether Interpol had actually received the international arrest warrant issued in 2000 by the Third Criminal Chamber of San Pedro Sula for Mr. Jaime Rosales, a new warrant was issued on 6 August 2002; on 20 August 2002, the Office of the National Commissioner for Human Rights requested Interpol to keep it informed of any follow-up steps taken,

  1. Thanks the President of the National Congress and the National Human Rights Commissioner for their spirit of cooperation in pursuit of the truth in this case and for the valuable information provided;

  2. Is gratified that Congress, largely responsible for the reopening of the case in 1996, has decided to lend fresh impetus to Mr. Pavón's case, and is confident that the efforts and insistence of Congress will bear fruit and ultimately ensure that justice is fully done in this case;

  3. Notes with satisfaction the steps taken to locate and apprehend Mr. Rosales, and would appreciate being kept informed of any progress made in the investigation;

  4. Requests the Secretary General to bring this resolution to the attention of the National Congress, including its Human Rights Committee, the Office of the National Human Rights Commissioner and the Special Human Rights Prosecutor;

  5. Requests the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians to continue examining this case and report to it at its next session (April 2003).

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