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Dates of elections / renewal (from/to):

  12 December 1990

Purpose of elections:

  Elections were held for all the seats in Parliament following premature dissolution of this body on 22 November 1990. Since general elections had previously been held in May 1988, they would not normally have been due until May 1992.

Background and outcome of elections:

  On 22 November 1990, Prime Minister Poul Schlüter (Conservative People’s Party) called early elections for 12 December after his minority Government failed to gain support in Parliament for its economic programme that included tax reform. The Folketing was prematurely dissolved the same day.

During the lackluster three-week election campaign, the ruling parties tried to focus on abolishing the 6% tax which was part of the Government’s overall solution in the economic field. Once again, this centre-right coalition (comprising the Conservatives, the Liberal Party and the Radical Liberal Party) was mainly challenged by the Social Democratic Party, headed by Mr. Svend Auken. Before issuing elections writs, the Government had negotiated with this last group, and the two were apparently close to reaching an agreement. Altogether, 1,274 candidates from 13 parties contested the Folketing seats.

Polling day results considerably improved the position of the Liberals and the Social Democrats, as the latter enhanced their standing as Parliament’s largest single party. The other two governing parties, however, incurred losses. Overall, the nonsocialist bloc retained its majority. In this context, Prime Minister Schlüter did not resign but, on 18 December, formed a new two-party Government consisting of his Conservatives and the Liberal Party.

Round no 1 (12 December 1990): Elections results  
Number of registered electors 3,941,499
Voters 3,265,420 (82.84%)
Blank or invalid ballot papers 25,758
Valid votes 3,239,662

Round no 1: Distribution of votes  
Political Group Candidates Votes %
Social Democratic Party 104 1,211,121 37.4
Conservative People’s Party 103 517,293 16.0
Liberal Party (Venstre) 98 511,643 15.8
Socialist People’s Party 103 268,759 8.3
Progress Party 101 208,484 6.4
Centre Democrats 101 165,556 5.1
Radical Liberal Party 99 114,888 3.5
Christian People’s Party 101 74,174 2.3

Round no 1: Distribution of seats  
Political Group Total Gain/Loss
Social Democratic Party 69 +14
Conservative People’s Party 30 -5
Liberal Party (Venstre) 29 +7
Socialist People’s Party 15 -9
Progress Party 12 -4
Centre Democrats 9 =
Radical Liberal Party 7 -3
Christian People’s Party 4 =

  Excluding Greenland and Faeroe Islands seats.

Distribution of seats according to sex:  
Men: 120
Women: 59

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