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  House of Assembly

Dates of elections / renewal (from/to):

  12 June 1995

Purpose of elections:

  Elections were held for the 21 Representatives of the House of Assembly on the normal expiry of their term of office.

Background and outcome of elections:

  Following the previous (May 1990) general elections, the ruling Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) in August 1993 elected Mr. Brian Alleyne, the Minister of External Affairs, to succeed to the leadership of the party upon the retirement of long-time Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles. Moreover, in October 1993, Mr. Crispin Sorhaindo, formerly the Speaker of the House of Assembly, succeeded Mr. Clarence Seignoret as President.

During the campaign, Mr. Alleyne stressed the economic achievements under the DFP Administration. The two opposition parties, the United Workers Party (UWP) and the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), criticised the DFP and its leader for bringing the country into economic decline and offered themselves to lead the country into the 21st century and to turn around the economy.

On polling day, the centre-left UWP was returned to power as the conservative DFP fell to five seats. On this basis, Mr. Edison James, leader of the UWP and former Leader of the Opposition, was sworn in as Prime Minister on 14 June; a nine-member Cabinet was then named.


Round no 1: Distribution of seats  
Political Group Total Gain/Loss
United Workers Party (UWP) 11 +5
Dominica Labour Party (DLP) 5 +1
Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) 4 -7

  Excluding Senators. Election of one seat which had been awarded to DFP was subsequently declared void.

Distribution of seats according to sex:  
Men: 28
Women: 3

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