Parliamentary Chamber: Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat


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  Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat

Dates of elections / renewal (from/to):

  9 June 1992

Purpose of elections:

  Elections were held for all the elective seats in Parliament on the normal expiry of the member’s term of office.

Background and outcome of elections:

  The 1992 electoral campaign opened on 10 May and lasted 23 days before a “cooling-off” period approaching the poll. The parliamentary elections were held simultaneously with whose for local legislative bodies and district councils.

Contesting the 400 directly elected seats were the three authorized parties: the ruling Sekber Golkar (Joint Secretariat of Functional Groups), or “Golkar” alliance, and two opposition groups - the Muslim-oriented United Development Party (PPP) and the Christian-nationalist Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI). Golkar was led by President of the Republic Suharto, in power since 1967.

In the run-up to elections, the dual opposition complained that restrictions on political organizing and campaigning prevented it from matching Golkar, which it alleged was backed by the large bureaucracy and local officials in the villages. On specific issues, both PPP and PDI attacked the Government for allegedly stifling democracy and favouring the country’s rich at the expense of its poor. Golkar countered by pointing to its positive record in the economic sector, upon which a number of individual opponents echoed the same question: how to combine a more democratic system and stronger checks on executive power with continued stability and economic growth. The PKI alliance also proposed that the presidential mandate be limited to two five-year terms.

While Golkar once again emerged clearly victorious on polling day, its share of the vote slipped from 73% to 68% as PDI in particular gained seats. Golkar officials said that the party was decisively supported in the rural areas because the Government had carried out an extensive development programme there.

Round no 1 (9 June 1992): Elections results  
Number of registered electors 105,565,697
Voters 97,789,534 (90.9%)

Round no 1: Distribution of votes  
Political Group %
Golkar 68.1
United Development Party (PPP) 17.0
Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) 14.9

Round no 1: Distribution of seats  
Political Group Total Gain/Loss
Golkar 282 -17
United Development Party (PPP) 62 +1
Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) 56 +16

  The other 100 members are appointed by the President of the Republic.

Distribution of seats according to sex:  
Men: 439
Women: 61

Distribution of seats according to age:  
21-30 years 3
31-40 years 45
41-50 years 144
51-65 years 287
Over 65 years 21

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