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Dates of elections / renewal (from/to):

  27 September 2002

Purpose of elections:

  Elections were held for all the seats in the House of Representatives on the normal expiry of the members' term of office.

Background and outcome of elections:

  On 6 August 2002, King Mohammed VI announced that parliamentary elections, the first under his reign would be held on 27 September 2002. On that date, some 14 million electors were called on to elect the new 325 members of the House of Representatives.

A total of 5,865 candidates presented by 26 political parties and five lists of independent candidates vied for the 325 seats. Out of this number, 266 female candidates ran for the 30 seats newly reserved for women.

During the campaign the main subjects taken up by the opposition were increasing unemployment in rural areas, rising prices for consumer goods over the past five years and the salary freeze for civil servants. The outgoing coalition focused on economic stability and progress made in the fields of education, public health and public finance management.

The final results showed that the outgoing government coalition (USFP, Istiqlal Party, RNI, MNP, PPS, FFD and PSD), which took 186 seats, had secured a majority in the House of Representatives and would remain in power. Most of the parties of the opposition performed worse than expected, with the exception of the Party of Justice and Development (PJD), which gained considerable ground, becoming the third largest party and the only Islamist party represented in the House of Representatives.

On 9 October 2002 King Mohammed VI appointed Mr Driss Jettou, the outgoing Interior Minister, as Prime Minister. A new government was sworn in on 7 November 2002.

On 21 October 2002, Mr Abdelwahed Radi was re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Round no 1 (27 September 2002): Elections results  
Number of registered electors 13 884 467
Voters 7 165 206 (52 %)
Blank or invalid ballot papers 1 228 836
Valid votes 5 936 370

Round no 1: Distribution of seats  
Political Group Total
Socialist Union of Popular Forces (U.S.F.P) 50
Istiqlal (P.I.) 48
Justice and Development Party (PJD) 42
National Rally of Independents (RNI) 41
Popular Movement (MP) 27
National Popular Movement (MNP) 18
Constitutional Union (UC) 16
National Democratic Party (PND) 12
Democratic Forces Front (FFD) 12
Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) 11
Democratic Union (UD) 10
Democratic and social Movement (MDS) 7
Democratic Socialist Party (PSD) 6
Al Ahd Party 5
Freedoms Alliance (ADL) 4
United Socialist Left Party (PGSU) 3
Reform and Development Party (PRD) 3
Liberal Party (PML) 3
Democratic Party for Independence (PDI) 2
Environment and Development Party (PED) 2
Citizenship Forces Party (PFC) 2
National Ittihadi Congress (CNI) 1

Distribution of seats according to sex:  
Men: 290
Women: 35
Percent of women: 10.77

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