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  National Assembly

Dates of elections / renewal (from/to):

  20 March 1998
22 March 1998

Purpose of elections:

  Elections were held for all the seats in Parliament. General elections had previously been held in July 1993.

Background and outcome of elections:

  On 4 February 1998, President of the Republic France Albert René (Seychelles People’s Progressive Front - SPPF) announced that legislative and presidential polling would be held simultaneously in March.

In both contests, the socialist SPPF was challenged by the Democratic Party (DP), led by former President James Mancham, and the United Opposition (UO) headed by Rev. Wavel Ramkalawan. These two forces, however, could not conclude a pact, thus effectively making the SPPF victories foregone conclusions. In the National Assembly, the latter increased its total from 27 to 30 seats and the UO replaced the DP in second place. A joint Commonwealth-Francophone observer team deemed the polling generally free and fair although it expressed some concern over opposition allegations of vote-buying by the ruling party.

President René, who had ousted Mr. Mancham in a 1977 military coup and enjoyed widespread support while being credited, among other things, with ushering in a generous social welfare system, was for his part easily re-elected for another five-year term; on 30 March, he effected a minor reshuffle of the Council of Ministers.

Round no 1 (20 March 1998): Elections results  
Number of registered electors 54,847
Voters 47,568 (86.7%)
Blank or invalid ballot papers 1,205
Valid votes 46,363

Round no 1: Distribution of votes  
Political Group Votes %
Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF) 28,610 61.7
United Opposition (UO) 12,084 26.1
Democratic Party (DP) 5,609 12.1

Round no 1: Distribution of seats  
Political Group Total Gain/Loss
Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF) 30 +3
United Opposition (UO) 3 +2
Democratic Party (DP) 1 -4

  One seat added since last elections

Distribution of seats according to sex:  
Men: 26
Women: 8

Distribution of seats according to age:  
31-35 years 8
36-40 years 11
41-45 years 5
46-50 years 6
51-55 years 3
Over 55 years 1

Distribution of seats according to profession:

Party officials 8
Senior civil servants 7
Businessmen 7
Doctors 3
Lawyers 3
Teachers 1
Others 5

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