Fourth Parliamentary Forum on Shaping the Information Society
The Triple Challenge of Cyber-Security: Information, Citizens and Infrastructure
United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Inter-Parliamentary UnionInternational Telecommunication UnionGlobal Centre
for ICT in Parliament
18-20 May 2011
Room II ILO Conference Center International Labour Organization, Geneva (Switzerland)

The Parliamentary Forum The Triple Challenge of Cyber-Security: Information, Citizens and Infrastructure is the fourth meeting of members of parliament focusing on issues relating to the Information Society, organized within the framework of the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament. The aim of the Forum series is to further dialogue among legislators on parliamentary actions that can contribute to the shaping of the future Information Society in view of the WSIS implementation, follow-up and future 2015 review.

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the occurrences of Internet-related criminal activity. The fourth meeting will address the particular challenges posed by the illicit use of information and communication technologies, such as the safeguarding of citizens in the connected environment; the protection of State information, data and infrastructures; and the transnational response to cybercrime.

The Parliamentary Forum expects to attract members of parliament with responsibilities for Information Society issues from all over the world. It is expected that the Chairs of parliamentary committees with responsibility for ICT, science, technology, information and telecommunications and/or committees on economic affairs will lead the delegations and participate actively in the debates with peers from other countries and regions.

The Forum will take place on 18-20 May 2011 at the International Labour Organization in Geneva, in Room II of the Conference Center. It will be held during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2011.


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United Nations - Department of Economic and Social Affairs
International Telecommunication Union
Global Centre for ICT in Parliament
IPU work in the domain of parliaments and ICT
WSIS Forum 2011

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