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Interregional seminar on parliamentary capacity-building and the further implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Implementing the SDGs through South-South parliamentary cooperation

18-20 September 2016
Beijing (China)

The Interregional Seminar on Parliamentary Capacity Building and the Further Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is intended to foster interregional exchanges on SDGs implementation between Asian and African parliaments. The Seminar will take place in Beijing, China, from 20 to 22 September 2016. It is being organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and China’s National People’s Congress, and is part of a series of IPU regional seminars to advance the work and contribution of parliaments to the SDGs.

The Seminar will discuss how cooperation among developing countries can enhance implementation of the SDGs and their targets and further advance their development. Special emphasis will be placed on the issue of climate change and its consequences, which is emerging as one of the most important impediments to achieving the SDGs. The Seminar will allow the participants to exchange ideas and experiences on this issue and elaborate concrete strategies, actions and recommendations to advance parliamentary engagement on the SDGs and climate change.

The Seminar is open to members of parliament and parliamentary staff from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zambia and China. The languages of the event are Chinese and English.

The documents are available in English only.


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