Organised by UNICEF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union
New York, 9 May 2002
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  UNICEF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union organized a Parliamentary Forum on 9 May 2002, as part of the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Children (8-10 May). The Forum was designed to bring a parliamentary dimension to the UN Special Session. In particular, it aimed at developing political and legislative strategies required to implement both old and new commitments. It also provided parliamentarians from different countries with an opportunity to exchange views and experiences in advancing the global agenda for children.

The forum took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in Conference Room 4 (first level underground). It was open to members of national parliaments as well as members of regional parliamentary groups interested in children’s issues.

The provisional programme of the Forum is reproduced below. Relevant documents (invitation, explanatory note and registration form) can be downloaded from this page in PDF format.


Parliamentary Forum documents

Rapporteur's Summary (PDF)
Invitation (PDF)
Explanatory note (PDF)
Registration form (PDF)
IPU/UNICEF background note (PDF)
Information note for external use (PDF)

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United Nations Headquarters, New York, 9 May 2002
10.00 a.m.Introductory remarks by Dr. Najma Heptulla, President of the IPU Council, Ms. Carol Bellamy, UNICEF Executive Director, and a representative from the Children’s Forum which precedes the Special Session.
10.20 a.m.I. Panel Presentation and Discussion:

The legislative measures required for the protection of children according to international commitments, including the follow-up to the IPU resolution on Child Protection from the 106th Inter-Parliamentary Conference (Ouagadougou, 2001).

11.30 a.m.II. Panel Presentation and Discussion:

Resource mobilization to implement the international commitments on children, and the role of parliament in assessing the impact of national budgets and legislation on children.

12.50 a.m.Closing of session with concluding remarks.

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