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Building to last: Parliamentary support aims for sustainable outcomes

First Expert Roundtable on the Common Principles for Support to Parliaments

28 October 2016
Geneva (Switzerland)

The Common Principles for Support to Parliaments aim to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Parliamentary support programmes. Developed by a small working group and widely drawing on inputs from parliaments and other organizations in identifying good practice to guide parliamentary strengthening, the Common Principles are a resource owned by and serving the entire parliamentary community. They were adopted by the 131st IPU Assembly in October 2014 and have since received the endorsement of over 100 parliaments and organizations.

To further implement the Common Principles, user-friendly tools that facilitate their application are needed. To inform this objective, roundtables will be organized on a regular basis, each focusing on a different aspect of the principles.

This first roundtable will focus on Common Principle 3: Parliamentary support aims for sustainable outcomes. It will provide participants with the opportunity to share experiences, identify challenges and lessons learned, and provide suggestions on tools to help ensure sustainable outcomes.

Participants will include representatives from parliaments and partner organisations who have responsibility for parliamentary support projects (Secretaries general, parliamentary staff, Members of parliament, parliamentary support partners and experts).

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Common Principles for Support to Parliaments
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