Mr. Páez

Senator Sergio Páez Verdugo of Chile was elected President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union for a three-year mandate on 27 September 2002 at the 171st session of the Inter-Parliamentary Council in Geneva. His term came to an end on 19 October 2005 at the time of the General Council's 177th session.

CURRICULUM VITAE of Mr. Sergio Páez Verdugo

Born on 1st June 1933 in Santiago, Chile
Married to Carmen Paz Benavides; two children, Teresa and Sergio

Main political and legislative activities

  • 1969 : Elected as a member of parliament for the province of Llanquihue. Re-elected 4 years later in 1973.

  • 1973 : The National Congress is dissolved after the coup d’Etat of 11th September. The Christian Democrat Party is banned along with the other political parties.

  • 1974 : Joins other political leaders to rebuild the Christian Democrat Party and organise peaceful opposition to the military dictatorship.

  • 1979 : Elected Vice-President of the Bureau of Deputies formerly belonging to the Christian Democrat MPs and launches a campaign to denounce the human rights violations of the military regime.

  • 1982 : Founded the PRODEN (Project for National Development), the first political group advocating a return to democracy.

  • 1983 : Joins other political and trade union leaders to call the first national protest against the military regime.

  • 1984 : During the military dictatorship, organises, as general coordinator of APAINDE (International Parliamentary Assembly for Democracy in Chile), the world parliamentary meetings for solidarity with Chile, which brought hundreds of legislators to Santiago during a four-year period.

  • 1988 : Heads the campaign for the southern zone of Chile for a "NO" vote in the referendum of 5th October. The dictatorship is defeated in the referendum and the transition to democracy begins.

  • 1989 : Elected as Senator for the provinces of Osorno, Llanquihue, Chiloé and Palena. Takes up office on 11 March 1990 after Patricio Aylwin is sworn in as the first democratically elected President after 17 years.

  • 1992 : Elected National Counsellor of the Christian Democrat Party.

  • 1993 : Takes part in running Eduardo Frei's presidential campaign.

  • 1997 : Re-elected as Senator.
Other political activities

  • 1990-1997 : Member of the following Senate committees: Foreign Relations, Fisheries and Agriculture, Transport and Telecommunications, Domestic Affairs, and Joint Budget Committee. Also participates in the Committees on Labour, Government, Inland Revenue, and Public Works.

  • 1998 : Member of the following Senate Committees: Transport and Telecommunications, Labour, Public Works, and Domestic Affairs. Also participates in the Committees on Inland Revenue, Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture.

  • 2002 : Elected Chairman of the Defence Committee.
Author of five major laws on socio-economic subjects, and joint author of 19 laws in the following fields: health, telecommunications, housing, public works, agriculture, consumer rights, fisheries, penal law, tax regime for agriculture.

Author of five bills before the Parliament on public education, social and environmental affairs.

  • 1990-1998: Elected to lead the Christian Democrat Group in the Senate on a number of occasions.

International experience

Senator Páez has played an active role in the promotion and development of parliamentary diplomacy and represented the National Congress of Chile in various regional and global organisations. He has played a leading role in the General Assemblies of the Latin American Parliament and has maintained a substantial interest in the Inter-Parliamentary Union. He was a member of the IPU Executive Committee from 1991 to 1995. He participated actively in 23 Inter-Parliamentary Conferences held on every continent. In his capacity of the IPU President, he paid official visits to Hungary, France, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, as well as to the Headquarters of the Latin American and European Parliaments. He also took floor at the United Nations General Assembly.

Private sector professional experience

From 1953 to 1964 and from 1973 to 1988, he worked in the construction business and as a financial adviser to private firms.


He has received official awards from the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of Italy, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Federal Republic of Brazil and Hungary.

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