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Women in the Inter-Parliamentary Union

As a result of an amendment adopted in 1990, the IPU's Statutes stipulate that Parliaments which comprise women members must include at least one woman in their delegations to IPU statutory meetings. Since then the Secretariat has been asked to prepare for each statutory session a table showing the presence of women MPs in delegations vis-à-vis their presence in their respctive national Parliaments.

These statistics reveal that, contrary to the average proportion of women in national Parliaments which suffered a set-back in 1989-1990 and has since tended to stagnate at about 11%, the proportion of women MPs at IPU meetings has generally increased.

In addition to reminders contained in the invitations sent out by host Parliaments and in the official convocations of the statutory sessions, two factors appear to have helped this increase:

  • The sustained interest shown by the IPU in promoting the status of women and the emphasis it has placed on partnership between men and women as one of the key elements of democracy.
  • The considerably increased awareness within the IPU generated by the women MPs themselves, whose action and influence have grown appreciably.

Some high points in the proportion of women MPs at IPU Assemblies may be due to other factors, such as the nature of the items placed on the Assembly agenda.

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Assembly/Conference year and venueMPs
TotalWomen% W
2016 Lusaka (134th Assembly) 634 190 29.9%
2015 Geneva (133rd Assembly) 647 210 32.5%
2015 Hanoi (132nd Assembly) 678 189 27.8%
2014 Geneva (131st Assembly) 707 227 32.1%
2014 Geneva (130th Assembly) 705 214 30.4%
2013 Geneva (129th Assembly) 539 168 31.2%
2013 Quito (128th Assembly) 619 202 32.6%
2012 Quebec City (127th Assembly) 624 175 28.0%
2012 Kampala (126th Assembly) 607 18029.7%
2011Bern (125th Assembly)53415829.6%
2011Panama (124th Assembly)61518229.6%
2010Geneva (123rd Assembly)46014832.2%
2010Bangkok (122nd Assembly)62117828.7%
2009Geneva (121st Assembly)51916431.6%
2009Addis Ababa (120th Assembly)59716527.6%
2008Geneva (119th Assembly)53215929.9%
2008Cape Town (118th Assembly)70019628.0%
2007Geneva (117th Assembly)51115931.1%
2007Nusa Dua, Bali (116th Assembly)58815626.5%
2006Geneva (115th Assembly)48514830.5%
2006Nairobi (114th Assembly)60217028.4%
2005Geneva (113th Assembly)54817932.5%
2005Manila (112th Assembly)61416526.9%
2004Geneva (111th Assembly)45313028.7%
2004Mexico (110th Assembly)61616226.3%
2003Geneva (109th Assembly)46513128.2%
2003Santiago de Chile (108th Conference)57914725.4%
2002Geneva (Special Session of the IPU Council)40611428.1%
2002Marrakech (107th Conference)66315222.9%
2001Ouagadougou (106th Conference)52314127.0%
2001Havana (105th Conference)68815722.8%
2000Jakarta (104th Conference)56313524.0%
2000Amman (103rd Conference)64813921.5%
1999Berlin (102nd Conference)72214620.2%
1999Brussels (101st Conference)64713220.4%
1998Moscow (100th Conference)69313519.5%
1998Windhoek (99th Conference)56710418.3%
1997Cairo (98th Conference)68312518.3%
1997Seoul (97th Conference)5729717.0%
1996Beijing (96th Conference)58110818.6%
1996Istanbul (95th Conference)60411719.4%
1995Bucharest (94th Conference)55810719.2%
1995Madrid (93rd Conference)60011519.2%
1994Copenhagen (92nd Conference)57710017.3%
1994Paris (91st Conference)5458816.1%
1993Canberra (90th Conference)4186515.6%
1993New Delhi (89th Conference)4838217.0%
1992Stockholm (88th Conference)4877515.4%
1992Yaounde (87th Conference)4107217.6%
1991Santiago (86th Conference)4545913.0%
1991Pyongyang (85th Conference)4006115.3%
1990Punta del Este (84th Conference)4056516.0%
1990Nicosia (83rd Conference)4445712.8%
1989London (82nd Conference)5206211.9%
1989Budapest (81st Conference)4557316.0%
1988Sofia (80th Conference)4536213.7%
1988Guatemala (79th Conference)433439.9%
1987Bangkok (78th Conference)405399.6%
1987Managua (77th Conference)4314610.7%
1986Buenos Aires (76th Conference)4344510.4%
1986Mexico (75th Conference)436337.6%
1985Ottawa (74th Conference)456398.6%
1985Lome (73rd Conference)386287.3%
1984Geneva (72nd Conference)4144811.6%
1984Geneva (71st Conference)439337.5%
1983Seoul (70th Conference)456245.3%
1982Rome (69th Conference)615396.3%
1981Havana (68th Conference)590498.3%
1980Berlin (67th Conference)560407.1%
1979Caracas (66th Conference)539325.9%
1978Bonn (65th Conference)493387.7%
1977Sofia (64th Conference)473408.5%
1976Madrid (63rd Conference)480326.7%
1975London (62nd Conference)502397.8%

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