Geneva (PALEXPO), 11 December 2003
Organised by the Inter-Parliamentary Union

  The first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) took place from 10-12 December 2003 at the PALEXPO Centre in Geneva (Chemin Edouard-Sarasin, Le Grand Saconnex).

The Summit brought together Heads of State, Executive Heads of United Nations agencies, politicians, industry leaders, non-governmental organizations, media representatives and civil society in a single high-level event, which provided a unique opportunity for all key stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the ongoing digital revolution and its impact on the international community. It aimed at producing a clear statement of political will and a concrete plan of action for achieving the goals of the Information Society, while fully reflecting all the different interests at stake.

The programme of the Summit was very diverse and, in addition to plenary sessions of the inter-governmental forum itself, included numerous parallel events. At its session held in Geneva on 1-3 October 2003, the Governing Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union decided that one of these events would be organized by the Union specifically for members of parliament attending the Summit.

The Parliamentary Panel "Shaping an enabling normative environment for the Information Society: the role and responsibility of parliaments" took place in Room H at PALEXPO Centre from 3 to 6 p.m. on 11 December 2003. The event was open to members of parliament and other delegates duly accredited to the Summit and wearing a valid WSIS badge.

The programme of the Panel is reproduced below. Relevant documents (invitation, registration form) can be downloaded from this page in PDF format.


Provisional programme: HTML and PDF
Invitation letter (PDF)
Registration form (PDF)

Resolution of the 109th IPU Assembly "The contribution of new information and communication technologies to good governance, the improvement of parliamentary democracy and the management of globalisation"
World Summit on the Information Society - official Web site
City of Geneva - official Web site

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Updated on 10 December 2003   
3 p.m.Opening of the session.
Welcome address by Mr. Anders B. Johnsson, IPU Secretary General

Panel discussion"Shaping an enabling normative environment for the Information Society: the role and responsibility of parliaments"

Within the overall theme, the Panel will focus more specifically on the role of parliaments in promoting good governance and the rule of law through the Internet, on the concept and practice of e-parliaments, and on the question of which institutions should be empowered with regulative authority for Internet-related public policy issues.


  • Ms. Muriel Siki, Journalist (Télévision suisse romande)
  • Mr. Patrice Martin-Lalande, Member of the National Assembly (France)
  • Ms. Isabelle Fila Lemina, Member of the National Assembly (Congo)
  • Mr. Malcom Harbour, Member of the European Parliament
  • Mr. Steven Clift, Expert on e-democracy (USA)
  • Mr. Blagovest Sendov, UNESCO Advisor, Former President of the Bulgarian Parliament, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Japan
  • Mr. Pierre Dandjinou, UNDP representative

Following introductory statements by the panellists, the audience will be invited to make comments and observations pertinent to the theme of the Panel and to put direct questions to the panellists.

6 p.m.Closure of the session.

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