Resolution adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Council without a vote at its 157th session
(Bucharest, 14 October 1995)

The Inter-Parliamentary Council,

Welcoming the successful outcome of the recent special session of the Inter-Parliamentary Council held at UN Headquarters in New York from 30 August to 1 September at the invitation of the UN Secretary-General,

1. Expresses its warm thanks to the UN Secretary-General for having kindly provided the excellent facilities enjoyed by the Union for its special Council session and for the inspiring address which he delivered at the opening of that meeting;

2. Recommends that all member Parliaments take the necessary steps to ensure that the Declaration and Comprehensive Findings and Recommendations adopted by the special session are widely disseminated internally, especially to their appropriate committees, and in particular that they are included in material distributed on the occasion of celebrations held to mark the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and, lastly, that they are transmitted to governments and national bodies concerned;

3. Welcomes the fact that the wish expressed at the special session for the strengthening of the links between the UN and the IPU has already been followed up through the inclusion of an item on co-operation between the two Organizations in the agenda of the 50th session of the UN General Assembly, and appeals to all members which have not already done so to take the necessary measures so that the Permanent Representatives of their countries to the UN co-sponsor the draft resolution presented under item 150 of the UN General Assembly;

4. Recalls that the special session stressed how important it is for the UN to receive the funds which its members have allocated and which they have an obligation to pay in full and on time;

5. Seriously concerned by the dramatic financial situation of the UN which the UN Secretary-General described in his message to the 94th Inter-Parliamentary Conference;

6. Urges therefore all IPU member parliaments to take immediate action to press their governments to meet in full, if they have not already done so, their financial obligations towards the UN so that it may receive the funds it needs to carry out the tasks entrusted to it.

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