Resolution adopted without a vote by the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union
at its 166th session (Amman, 6 May 2000)

The Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,

Having been informed of the proceedings of the Third Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CSCM), held in Marseilles from 30 March to 3 April 2000 at the invitation of the French Parliament,

Taking note that the Third CSCM confirmed the need to pursue, within the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the CSCM process launched ten years ago, and noting the latter's complementarity and convergence with the Euro-Med Process,

Having before it the Final Document which the participants adopted by consensus,

  1. Deeply thanks the French Parliament and the authorities of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region for the warm welcome extended to the Conference participants in Marseilles and for the excellent working conditions provided at the Hôtel de Région, and notes that under the courteous and dynamic leadership of the Executive President of the French Group the participants considered the various aspects of the three CSCM "baskets", building on the work done by the three Thematic Preparatory Meetings held in Monte Carlo (Monaco) in July 1997, Evora (Portugal) in June 1998 and Ljubljana (Slovenia) in March 2000, on the biannual consultations of the parties held in conjunction with statutory Inter-Parliamentary Conferences and on other current Mediterranean initiatives;

  2. Welcomes the constructive spirit in which the proceedings took place and the meaningful debates;

  3. Takes note of the Final Document of the Third CSCM, adopted by consensus at the end of the proceedings, and notes with interest the wealth of considerations and recommendations it contains;

  4. Urges the delegations of the States concerned to bring the Final Document of the Third CSCM to the attention of:
    (i) their parliaments for debate and endorsement with a view to the adoption of the specific follow-up measures proposed in the various sections of the text;
    (ii) their governments;
    (iii) the European Union and European Parliament;

  5. Requests more particularly the Parliament of Egypt to ensure that the Final Document of Marseilles is brought, in all appropriate languages, to the attention of the Conference of Presidents of the Parliaments of the Euro-Mediterranean Region at their next Conference, which will take place in Alexandria on 23 and 24 May 2000;

  6. Asks the Parliaments of the States concerned to request official circulation of the Marseilles Final Document and information on the CSCM process at the 55th session of the United Nations General Assembly under the agenda item on Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean;

  7. Informs the parties to the CSCM process of its intention to convene in the summer of 2000, in Valletta (Malta), an ad hoc committee composed of the Members of the CSCM Coordinating Committee and a representative of the Mediterranean women parliamentarians task force set up at the Amman Meetings, for the purposes of considering the practical arrangements for pursuing the CSCM process within the Inter-Parliamentary Union and, the creation in the long run, of a Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean States.

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