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Asamblea Nacional
Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Committee on Peace, Defence, Internal Affairs and Human Rights

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Asamblea Nacional
Date of creation ...
Last renewal date
Mandate The Committee examines bills regarding amnesties, pardons and those designed to promote and protect human rights and it provides its view on them. It may investigate the functioning of State bodies, in accordance with their respective purviews, and submit such recommendations as it deems necessary to the National Assembly Bureau for it to take the necessary action in accordance with the Statute and the Standing Orders.
Membership The Committee is made up of the number of deputies appointed by the Bureau of the National Assembly in accordance with the principle of political pluralism. Its term coincides with that of the Assembly Bureau (one year).
Working methods The Committee may seek information and documentation from the State authorities and request officials to expound on matters relating to the performance of their functions, besides organising meetings and visits to social institutions where human rights are presumed to be violated. The Committee adopts its decision by absolute majority of votes. Dissenting members are entitled to have their views recorded in the minutes. In the event of a tied ballot, the President has a casting vote.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Committee deals with draft legislation and any other matters entrusted to it by the President of the National Assembly, the Bureau or the Plenary.
Relations with external bodies ...
Subjects dealt with ...
Main address Asamblea Nacional
Avenida Bolivar
Apto. Postal 4659
Phone +505 2 28 21 02, Ext.: 192
Fax ...
E-mail humanos@correo.asamblea.gob.ni
Website ...
Name Mr. Filiberto Jacinto Rodríguez López
Notes President
Name Ms. Magdalena Lacayo
Notes Secretary
Address (if different from above)
Phone ...
Fax ...
E-mail defensa@asamblea.gob.ni
web site: ...

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