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PARLINE database   PARLINE database
  on national parliaments

The PARLINE database contains information on the structure and working methods of 272 parliamentary chambers in all of the 193 countries where a national legislature exists.


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Follow the view >> links for quick access to the results of the most recent parliamentary elections in PARLINE. Sort the table by clicking on the column headings.

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Access detailed results for all countries on the Recent elections page.


At a glanceParliaments at a glance. View comparative data on key features of parliaments such as the number of members and the term of parliament. Generate graphics and export details according to region and type of parliamentary structure.arrow
Recent electionsRecent elections. Quick access to results of the most recent parliamentary elections in PARLINE. A complete record including a summary and statistics is available for all parliamentary elections around the world, as well as historical archives back to 1967.arrow
New in PARLINENew in PARLINE. The authoritative source of information on changes to parliamentary leadership, contact details and web sites. Keep track of updates with personalized RSS news feeds.arrow
ToolboxToolbox. Export data from PARLINE to create parliamentary mailing lists or comparative datasets on a global scale. Select countries and database fields to be exported to Excel or CSV files.arrow
AboutAbout. An extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the PARLINE database, as well as search tips, an overview of geographic groupings and practical guidance on how to use PARLINE.arrow
RSSNews feeds. A single point of access to all PARLINE news feeds, and an explanation of how to use them. News feeds are available for updates to Presidents and Secretaries General of parliament, parliamentary web sites, recent elections and more.arrow
Advanced searchAdvanced search. Refine your query using a combination of up to five search criteria. You can also modify the appearance of Advanced search results, by selecting which data fields to display.arrow
Parliamentary bodiesSpecialized parliamentary bodies. A separate search interface for information on the specialized parliamentary bodies (committees, commissions, sub-commissions, etc.) dealing with human rights, international trade, and the status of women and gender equality.arrow

1. Annual updates on parliamentary activities: English (online or Word)   French (online or Word)   Spanish (online or Word)  
2. Specialized bodies - gender: English (online or Word) French (online or Word) Spanish (online or Word)
3. Specialized bodies - human rights: English (online or Word) French (online or Word) Spanish (online or Word)

PARLINE: Key data on national parliaments
Download questionnaire 1 (Representation): English / French / Spanish
Download questionnaire 2 (Oversight and law-making): English / French / Spanish
Download questionnaire 3 (Parliamentary autonomy): English / French / Spanish
Download questionnaire 4 (Working methods): English / French / Spanish

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