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IPU calls for greater protection for MPs in Somalia following another assassination

Islamic militant group al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the assassination of two Somali MPs in Mogadishu in less than 24 hours.  ©REUTERS/F. Omar

IPU has condemned the killing of Somali MP Isaak Mohamed Rinoco in a car bomb attack in Mogadishu and is urging authorities in the Northeast African country to ensure greater protection of parliamentarians.

Isaak Mohamed Rinoco was killed on Monday when a bomb concealed in his vehicle exploded in Mogadishu, close to the heavily fortified government district. Mohamed Abdi, another MP, was seriously wounded.

IPU condemns this cowardly and reprehensible attack, the latest in a string of terrorist acts against parliamentarians committed to putting in place a fully functional democracy in Somalia after two decades of civil war and unrest.

IPU stresses every effort should be made to support and protect those working to represent the interests of the Somali people in an extremely challenging environment. The Organization also calls Somali authorities to ensure that those responsible for the attacks on MPs are brought to justice. 

“The failure to deliver justice breeds impunity and can only lead to further violence against the legitimate representatives of the Somali people”, says IPU Secretary General Anders B. Johnsson.

IPU has been closely following the political transition in Somalia and has acknowledged the progress made by the country after parliament was appointed in 2012.

As a result Somalia was able to re-join IPU at its 129th Assembly in Geneva in October 2013.

The global organization of parliaments, IPU works to establish democracy, peace and cooperation among peoples. The world’s oldest international political organization, established in 1889, IPU is the focal point for worldwide parliamentary dialogue. It brings together 164 member Parliaments and ten associate regional assemblies.

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