Association of Secretaries
General of Parliaments
Monash University
Bern (Switzerland), 19-20 October 2011


Irrespective of their occupation or professional background prior to election, few new parliamentarians arrive fully equipped for their parliamentary roles and legislative functions. They are faced with a myriad of complex issues in a context where there are many competing priorities for their attention. The primary objective of capacity building is to assist members to become effective parliamentarians. Yet, the barriers of effective capacity building for parliamentarians can be high and may often seem insurmountable.

What knowledge, skills and abilities do parliamentarians need to do their job? How do parliamentarians learn? How can, and should, parliament help them to acquire the necessary skills? These are some of the questions to be addressed during the conference.

The conference will enable a dialogue between parliamentarians, Secretaries General, parliamentary officials, academics and practitioners. By sharing experiences, participants will obtain new information and perspectives on the effective design, delivery and evaluation of capacity building programmes for parliamentarians.

The conference is co-organized by the IPU, the Association of Secretaries General of Parliament and Monash University (Australia). The conference will build on the research project ‘Parliamentary careers: design, delivery and evaluation of improved professional development’ conducted by a team of researchers at Monash University in partnership with the IPU and other partners.

Between 100 and 150 participants are expected to attend the Conference on 20 October. A smaller Expert seminar of academics and practitioners will take place on 19 October, whose conclusions will be presented at the opening of the proceedings on the following day.


Effective capacity building: The capacity to do what?, keynote address by Lord Norton of Louth [PDF]
Capacity Building for Parliamentarians as Human Resource Development, by Ken Coghill, Ross Donohue and Peter Holland [PDF]
The assessment of the levels of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) held by new or continuing parliamentarians and the determination of training and professional development needs, by Elsie Simpamba [PDF]
Why some train and some don't – An international comparison of MPs' attitudes towards parliamentary training, by Katrin Steinack [PDF]
Barriers to prioritising education and training: role complexity and the media, by Colleen Lewis [PowerPoint]
Experiences in the Field. Parliamentary training in Indonesia and the South Pacific, by Kevin Rozzoli [PDF]
Return on training investment in parliaments: The need for change in the Pacific region, by Abel Kinyondo [PDF]
The Role of Parliamentary Secretariat staff in supporting International Diplomatic Duties of Parliamentarians (Case Study: Thai Senate), by Wannapat Chaitep [PDF]
The role played by Chambers' counsellors and legislative advisors in enhancing Italian MPs' knowledge and skills development: the assistance offered to an autonomous and aware collection of information in the pre-legislative scrutiny, by Paolo Zuddas and Giovanni Piccirilli [PowerPoint] [PDF]
The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Studies (PIPS)' experience of new members' orientation - challenges and lessons learned, by Khan Ahmed Goraya [PowerPoint]
A Fresh Start? The Induction of New MPs at Westminster Following The Parliamentary Expenses Scandal, by Ruth Fox and Matt Korris [PowerPoint]
The Members' Knowledge Framework: Ideas for developing a comprehensive induction programme, by George Kunnath [PowerPoint]
Parliamentary Research and Studies Experience at the Federal National Council, United Arab Emirates, by Mohammed Salem Al-Mazroui [PowerPoint]
Professional Development Structure for Parliamentarians in Turkey, by Ömer Faruk Gençkaya [PowerPoint] [PDF]
Strengthening women in parliament – NDI's contribution, by Susan Markham [Word]
Developing parliamentary capacity - the World Bank Institute's approach, by Rick Stapenhurst and Mitch O'Brien [PowerPoint]
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Expert seminar [PDF]
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