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Resolution adopted unanimously by the IPU Governing Council at its 190th session
(Kampala, 5 April 2012)

The Governing Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,

Referring to the case of Zorig Sanjasuuren, a member of the State Great Hural of Mongolia who was murdered in October 1998, and to the resolution adopted at its 189th session (October 2011),

Recalling the following:

  • Zorig Sanjasuuren, a leader of the democracy movement in Mongolia in the 1990s, was assassinated in October 1998; the investigation carried out by the police and the Central Intelligence Agency has been to no avail so far; this failure has been attributed largely to police inexperience in investigating cases of contract killings such as this one, the failure to secure the crime scene and the decision to allow 40 to 50 people to pollute it, together with a certain lack of political will on the part of the authorities in place at the time;

  • Technical assistance in forensic matters was provided to the investigators but, owing to the confidentiality of the investigation, no information has been made available as to whether or not the results of the tests carried out are such as to shed more light on the murder and help move the investigation forward;

  • The State Great Hural set up a working group on this case which functioned from 1998 to 2000; a new working group established in 2006 continues to function, its terms of reference being to monitor the investigation and to ensure that it receives the necessary assistance and support; however, no information has ever been provided on any results it may have achieved,
Recalling that, according to information provided by Zorig Sanjasuuren’s sister in October 2011, the case has been taken up by the National Security Council (comprising the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the State Great Hural), which discussed it at a meeting in September 2011 attended by the Prosecutor General; that, moreover, the head of the police working group on this case reportedly still believes that the case can be resolved; recalling further that the case may be transferred to a special investigation unit in the Prosecutor General’s Office, where it would receive more active attention,

Recalling finally that, some time ago, a member of parliament put a query to the Minister of Justice regarding this case in the hope of initiating a parliamentary debate that nevertheless failed to materialize, the Minister invoking the confidentiality of the investigation,

  1. Regrets that 13 years of uninterrupted investigation have failed to shed light on Zorig Sanjasuuren’s murder, but believes, as examples from around the world show, that cases such as this one can be resolved even after so many years have elapsed, provided the competent authorities show the requisite determination and are given the necessary support;

  2. Considers, therefore, that the decision to involve the highest State authorities, as represented in the National Security Council, in the elucidation of this crime can be instrumental to this end; wishes to ascertain whether the authorities have since taken any measures to give the investigation fresh impetus, such as involving the special unit of the Prosecutor General’s Office;

  3. Believes, while acknowledging that certain investigation details must remain confidential, that a parliamentary debate on the case and its non-confidential aspects would also help give the investigation fresh impetus; encourages the Great State Hural, in particular the working group, to take such an initiative;

  4. Reiterates its commitment to assisting the Great State Hural, if so requested, in any way it can with a view to lending fresh impetus to the investigation;

  5. Requests the Secretary to convey this resolution to the President of Mongolia, the Speaker of the Great State Hural and the Prosecutor General;

  6. Requests the Committee to continue examining this case and to report to it at its next session, to be held during the 127th IPU Assembly (October 2012).
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