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Cámara de Representantes
Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Committee on Human Rights and Hearings

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Cámara de Representantes
Date of creation Established by Law 5 of 1992 which contains the Standing Orders of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives
Last renewal date
Mandate The Committee on Human Rights and Hearings exercises the following functions: a. Defence of human rights; the Committee briefs the plenary of each Chamber on results achieved. b. Oversight of all authorities responsible for ensuring respect for human rights, as well as the promotion of relevant action in order to ensure that, in the event of non-compliance, the corresponding penal and disciplinary sanctions will be applied. c. Holding of special hearings where citizens representing collegial bodies of professionals and civic and social associations are able to set out topics of interest for society and Congress. In the hearings, which are public, the Committee listens to the various sectors of national public opinion as to aspects of existing legislation and bills before Congress, with a view to transmitting people's initiatives. d. Transmission of the observations that citizens have submitted in writing pertaining to a bill or a legislative instrument.
Membership The Committee is composed of 15 representatives from the Chamber elected to serve one-year terms. Deputies interested in participating in the Committee's work may sign up on a list administered by the Bureau of the Chamber of Representatives, which by means of the system of electoral quotients elects the members via resolution.
Working methods The Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights and Hearings proposes the agenda of topics for discussion, taking into consideration suggestions from the other Committee members. The Committee is empowered to hold public hearings where citizens are free to bring up topics of interest to them. However, the Committee is not authorised to set up committees of inquiry, even though it can and should oversee government authorities. Decisions are taken by simple majority, that is by a majority of votes of members present. The Committee Chairperson is responsible for implementing and following up decisions taken.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies Given that the Committee has no Standing Orders for the time being, no forms of formal interaction with other bodies of Parliament have been defined in terms of information or exchanges of information.
Relations with external bodies NGOs may attend Committee sessions dealing with human rights, and may take the floor to refer to aspects of interest to public opinion. Given that the Committee has no Standing Orders for the time being, no forms of formal interaction with the human rights programmes of the Office of President of the Republic have been defined.
Subjects dealt with The most frequent topics are access to medicine, pension plan negotiations, asylum requests, aid for the disabled and for family members of kidnapped persons, for whom the "Galería Vida y Libertad" has been set up.
Main address Cámara de Representantes
Capitolio Nacional
Cra 7 No. 8 - 68 Oficina 334 B
BOGOTA (Colombia)
Name Ms. Sandra Ceballos Arévalo
Notes President
Address (if different from above)
Phone +571 - 599 97 25
Fax +571 - 599 96 49
E-mail sc@sceballos.com
Name Mr. Ramón Elejaide
Notes Vice-President
Address (if different from above)
Phone +571 - 562 86 56
Fax +571 - 561 94 45
E-mail ...

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