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Inama Nshingamateka
Parliamentary bodies dealing with gender equality :
Committee on Social Affairs, Repatriation, Equal Opportunity and the Fight against AIDS

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Inama Nshingamateka
Date of creation Created by Parliament in 2002, following the signing of the inter-Burundian peace accord.
Last renewal date N/A
Mandate To analyse laws and monitor government activities in relation to issues related to the status of women and gender equality, for example.
Membership The Committee has 15 members who belong to different political parties. Members are free to choose the committee they wish to join, but the officers of the National Assembly ensure the maintenance of the necessary balance. Composition by sex: 7 men (46.6 %); 8 women (53.4 %).
Working methods The Committee assesses legislative bills in committee and plenary sessions, conducts field missions, puts oral questions to ministers, whose responses can lead to debate, presents written questions to members of the government, and examines individual complaints. The Committee can initiate inquiries ex officio, or inquiries can be conducted by special committees set up at the initiative of the National Assembly or the government. The Committee's deliberations are public. The Committee can make recommendations to the government through the National Assembly, monitoring their application by means of field visits, in particular.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The other committees can propose or suggest issues for consideration by the Committee or give advice, which the Committee can accept or decline.
Relations with external bodies Since the Committee's mandate is to study and vote on laws and oversee government activities, outside bodies frequently invite members to participate in exchanges on matters within the Committee's purview.
Subjects dealt with Issues addressed often relate to violence towards women and women and education.
Main address Committee on Social Affairs, Repatriation, Equal Opportunity and the Fight against AIDS
Assemblée nationale
Palais de Kigobe
B.P. 120
Phone +257 23 36 40 / +257 22 23 36 41 / +257 22 23 55 72
Fax +257 22 23 26 22 / +257 22 23 36 41
Website http://www.assemblee.bi/Commission-des-Affaires-Sociales
Name Mr. Adolphe Banyikwa
Notes Chairperson
Name Ms. Mo-Mamo Karerwa
Notes Vice-Chairperson
Name Mr. Vincent Sukunoba
Notes Secretary

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