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Inama Nshingamateka (National Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Parlement / Parliament
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Inama Nshingamateka / National Assembly
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Inama Nkenguzamateka / Senate
Electoral Law 20 April 2005
Law N°1/015 of 20 April 2005, last modification: 18.09.2009
Mode of designation directly elected 100
other 21
Constituencies 17 multi-member constituencies.
Voting system Proportional: Proportional representation system (closed list).
Seats are distributed according to the d'Hondt method in proportion to the number of votes obtained by each list after removing the lists that received less than 2% of the votes nationwide.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Burundian nationality, by birth or naturalization;
- age: 18 years old or over on election day;
- residence in the country on the qualifying date;
Overseas voters may vote at embassies and consulates.

Disqualifications for voting:
- any imprisonment (persons serving a prison sentence of 10 years or more or persons sentenced for an electoral offence are disqualified for life);
- insanity/mental illness;
- guardianship/ward.
Eligibility - Burundian nationality, by birth or naturalization;
- age: 25 years old or over on election day
- candidates must have full civil and political rights;
- candidates must be resident in Burundi when candidacies are put forward;
- candidates must be natives or citizens of the province in question;
- candidates must, in addition, subscribe to the Charter of National Unity and state that they shall uphold the basic principles contained therein.
Incompatibilities Incompatibilities related to occupations:
- remunerated members of the civil service
- persons holding posts for foreign States or for international organizations
- executives and officers of the Electoral Commission
- officers of the Electoral Commission
The incompatibilities above are valid during the term of office.

Other incompatibilities:
- insanity/mental illness
- guardianship/ward
- holders of temporary entry permits
- illegal immigrants
Candidacy requirements - Candidatures may be submitted by political parties without restriction.
- Nomination by at least 100 electors is required for independent candidates.
- For political parties and groups of independent candidates: a deposit of 500,000 Burundian francs is required, reimbursable in full if the party obtains at least 2 per cent of valid votes in the whole country.

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