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National Assembly
Parliamentary bodies dealing with HIV/AIDS :
Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Welfare

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers National Assembly
Date of creation 1999
Last renewal date
Mandate The Committee's mandate on HIV/AIDS is general in that as a Portfolio Committee responsible for the Sector Ministries of Health and Community Development and Social Services, HIV/AIDS being a health issue is considered by the Committee without specialization in any one aspect of HIV/AIDS.
Membership The Committee is composed of eight members other than the Vice-President, Minister, Deputy Minister or any other member holding or acting in any office prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament. Members are appointed by the Standing Orders Committee for a session.
Working methods The Committee draws up its own programme of work defining activities and topics to be considered. The proceedings are open to the public but the Committee may decide to conduct its business in camera. The Committee is empowered to organize on-site inquiries, hearings, or summon government officials (cap. 12 of the laws of Zambia). Upon completion of its deliberations, the Committee compiles a report, stating its findings and recommendations, which is tabled in the House. Government must respond within 60 days.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies Information is shared mainly through the report published and tabled in the House at the end of the Committee's deliberations.
Relations with external bodies The Committee is empowered to summon any witness and the government (executive) to especially clarify and explain policy issues, so there is a working relationship. The executive also implements the recommendations of the Committee, although it is not mandatory to implement all of them. Non-governmental organizations often invite the Committee to workshops and are allowed to present their views on various issues to the Committee.
Subjects dealt with The Committee has considered the following: a) The role of traditional medicine in the management of HIV/AIDS in Zambia b) Progress made by Zambia in the attainment of health-related Millennium Development Goals (particularly MDG 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, c) Treatment of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Name Mr. Munji Habeenzu
Notes Chairperson of the Commitee
Address (if different from above) National Assembly of Zambia
Parliament Buildings
P.O. Box 31299
Phone 097 442 847
Website www.parliament.gov.zm
Name Ms. Angela Mwale Banda
Notes Assistant Committee Clerk
Address (if different from above)
Phone +260 01 292 425; 097 857 204
Fax +260 01 292 252
E-mail ambanda@parliament.gov.zm; kapungweangela@yahoo.co.uk
web site:

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