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National Assembly

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Parliament name National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 15 December 2004
Last amendment: 5 January 2016 (Act No. 2 of 2016)
Mode of designation directly elected 156
appointed 8
other 3
Constituencies 156 single-member constituencies (equal to the number of seats of elected members in the National Assembly).
Voting system Majority: First Past The Post (FPTP)
There are no reserved seats or quotas for women, ethnic minorities or other categories.
Vacancies arising between general elections are filled through by-elections held within 90 days of the occurrence of the vacancy. However, by-elections are not held within the 180-day period that precedes a general election.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Age: 18 years
- Zambian citizenship (including naturalized citizens)
- Residence in the country at the time of the election
- Disqualifications: allegiance to a foreign State, insanity, sentence of death or imprisonment, conviction of a corrupt or illegal practice within five years preceding the elections, persons found guilty of such practice upon the trial of an election petition, lawful custody, persons who are not in possession of a national registration card.
Eligibility - Qualified voters
- Age: 21 years
- Zambian citizenship (including naturalized citizens)
- Persons who have completed a grade twelve certificate or its equivalent as a minimum academic qualification
- Persons who have declared their assets
- Citizens living abroad, who are not civil servants
- Residence in the country at the time of the election
- Ineligibilities: insanity, undischarged bankrupts, allegiance to a foreign State, sentence of death or imprisonment, restriction in movement or detention pursuant to certain laws.
For appointed members: A person who was a candidate for election in the last preceding general election or a subsequent by-election is not eligible to be appointed as a Member of Parliament
Incompatibilities - Presidential candidates
- Holders of public posts
- Holders of judicial offices (judges)
- Civil servants
- Executives of the Electoral Commission
- Members of the Electoral Commission
- Members of the armed forces
- Members of the police forces
The incompatibilities above are valid during the term of office.
Candidacy requirements - Nomination by at least 15 registered voters of the constituency concerned
- Nomination must be accompanied by fee of 100,000 kwacha (approximately US$ 1,000), to be paid either by a political party or individual candidates. The nomination fee is not reimbursed.

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