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Camera Deputatilor
Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Committee for Human Rights, Cults and National Minorities issues

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Camera Deputatilor
Date of creation 1990
Last renewal date December 2008
Mandate The Committee's purview is as follows: human rights and citizens' rights, the problems of minorities, freedom of conscience, the problem of religious cults, and freedom of expression other than press freedom. The principal remits of the Committee on Human Rights are the following: examination of legislative initiatives which will be presented to the Chamber of Deputies in order to prepare opinions and reports to be debated at the plenary session of the Chamber; the drafting of legislative proposals by deputies who are members of the Committee; the constitution of a sub-committee of inquiry, with the approval of the Chamber of Deputies, concerning the organisation of central and local public administration, as well as the rights of every community on the national territory; the respect of human rights nationally, in the context of parliamentary scrutiny of the Executive and other public institutions; the examination of citizens' petitions relating to fundamental human rights violations with a view to referring appropriate cases to the competent public institutions; the hearing of ministers designated in the context of "the new Executive formula", the portfolios of which relate to the Committee's competence.
Membership Committee members serve for four years. They members are appointed by the heads of the parliamentary groups in the Chamber of Deputies, in proportion to political representation in the Chamber. The Committee consists of 12 deputies: seven belong to the political majority and five come from the opposition.
Working methods The agenda of the Committee is determined taking account of the type of procedure required (simple or emergency), the deadline for the submission of reports, and the priorities established by the Committee's Bureau. Deliberations are organised on the basis of prior debates and a vote passed by a majority of Committee members. Government representatives and organisations of civil society may take part in these deliberations. Committee meetings are not public. However, exceptionally, on the condition that their participation is approved by a vote of the Committee members, members of the press may attend. , . Within its field of competence, the Committee may conduct inquiries concerning the activities of the government and public administrations as regards serious violations of the rights of a particular community. Decisions of the Committee are adopted by majority vote and reports are then prepared with a view to implementation by the appropriate institutions, according to their competence.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Committee collaborates with other committees of the Upper or Lower Chambers of Parliament, for matters concerning the legislative process as well as any other problem relating to parliamentary activity.
Relations with external bodies The Committee on Human Rights collaborates in various ways with the Executive and other public institutions such as the People's Advocate, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, and other organisations of civil society. It exchanges information relevant to the draft legislation referred to its consideration, and organises seminars, conferences and other activities relating to human rights, which often involve a large participation.
Subjects dealt with The most important themes recently dealt with by the Committee may be summed up as follows: the respect of minorities, notably the Roma, and affirmative action in their favour, in the context of the government's strategy to improve the situation of that community; freedom of religious belief and the issue of the ownership of buildings and grounds by certain cults.
Main address Chamber of Deputies
Str. Izvor Nr. 2-4

Phone +40 21 414 11 20, +40 21 414 11 21
Fax +40 21 312 45 94
E-mail cp05@cdep.ro
Website http://www.cdep.ro
Name Mr. Nicolae Paun
Notes Chairperson
Address (if different from above)
Phone ...
Fax ...
E-mail npaun@cdep.ro
Website ...
Name Ms. Onesia Babes
Notes Parliamentary Adviser
Name Mr. Valentin Laurentiu Gheorghiu
Notes Parliamentary Expert

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