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The Executive Committee oversees our administration and makes recommendations to our Governing Council on various matters, including applications by national parliaments or regional parliamentary assemblies wishing to join us. It also assesses candidates for the post of Secretary General, and submits a recommendation to the Governing Council. The Committee sets the date and venue of our Governing Council sessions and a provisional agenda. It also proposes the IPU’s annual work programme and budget. It meets at least twice a year before our Assemblies, and can also hold extraordinary sessions if needed. The Executive Committee makes sure that decisions taken by our Assembly and Governing Council are put into practice.

It is made up of our President, 15 elected members from our different geopolitical groups, the President of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians and the President of the Board of the Forum of Young Parliamentarians. No fewer than 12 members of the Executive Committee are elected from among members of the Governing Council. Each sex is represented by no less than one-third of the elected members.

Our Gender Partnership Group and Sub-Committee on Finance, composed of members drawn from the Executive Committee, are also part of this Committee’s work. The Gender Partnership Group aims to ensure that the interests and visions of men and women are taken into account equally in all IPU’s activities and decisions while the Sub-Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations on financial matters to the Executive Committee.

For more information, see the rules of the Executive Committee and the amendments agreed to at the 136th Assembly in Dhaka.


Updated on 05 October 2017    
Members Expiry of term
Ex-officio President: Mr. S. Chowdhury (Bangladesh) October 2017
Vice-President of the Executive Committee: Mr. I. Liddell-Grainger (United Kingdom) October 2017
IPU Vice-Presidents: African Group (vacancy)  
Mr. A. Abdel Aal (Egypt) April 2021
Mr. K. Jalali (Islamic Republic of Iran) October 2019
Mr. K. Kosachev (Russian Federation) October 2019
Ms. Y. Ferrer Gómez (Cuba) October 2020
Mr. I. Liddell-Grainger (United Kingdom) October 2017
Members: Ms. F. Benbadis (Algeria) October 2018
Mr. R. del Picchia (France) October 2018
Twelve Plus Group (vacancy)  
Ms. A. Habibou (Niger) March 2019
Mr. A. Lins (Brazil) October 2019
Mr. S. Suzuki (Japan) October 2018
Mr.  Nguyen Van Giau (Viet Nam) October 2019
Ms. M.I. Oliveira Valente (Angola) October 2019
Ex-officio members:    

President of the Forum of Young MPs

Ms. Morine Osoru (Uganda) April 2019
President of the Forum of Women MPs Ms. M. Mensah-Williams (Namibia) March 2018

  • Groups with 4 seats will include an equal number of men and women;
  • Groups with 3 seats will include at least one man and one woman;
  • Groups with 2 seats will include an equal number of men and women;
  • Groups with 1 seat will ensure that the seat is held at least by a man and a woman over three terms.


Updated on 13 September 2017    
Expiry of term
Chairperson: Mr. R. del Picchia (France) October 2018
Members: Mr. A. Abdel Aal (Egypt) April 2021
  Ms. A. Habibou (Niger) March 2018
Mr. K. Kosachev (Russian Federation) October 2017
Mr. A. Lins (Brazil) March 2018
Asia-Pacific (vacancy)