UN Secretary General candidates reach out to parliaments


The IPU Standing Committee on United Nations Affairs has been closely following the selection process for the new United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG). Having welcomed General Assembly Resolution 69/321, which charts a more inclusive and transparent selection process, and cognisant of the critical relationship between the United Nations, national parliaments, and the IPU, the Committee decided to request all UNSG candidates to briefly respond to the following three questions:

Agenda 2030 will be successful if members of parliament are involved in the development of their national action plans, in monitoring implementation, and in aligning budgets and legislation with the Agenda. As United Nations Secretary-General, will you advocate for parliamentary engagement in the implementation of the new 2030 Agenda and attendant SDGs among Member States? [read the answers]

Numerous UN General Assembly resolutions and UN Secretary-General reports recommend a strong relationship between the United Nations and national parliaments, as well as with the IPU. As UN Secretary-General, what specific actions would you take to strengthen these relationships at the global and national levels to more effectively serve the people? [read the answers]

As representatives of the people, parliamentarians want to ensure a more democratic selection process for the UN Secretary-General. What role do you think parliamentarians, through the IPU, the world organization of parliaments, play in this process? [read the answers]