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Women in the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Leader Wishing to ensure that women hold senior posts in the IPU, the women MPs have since the late 1980s carried out action on two fronts aiming, on the one hand, to have the statutory provisions amended to guarantee a gender balance in all IPU bodies, whether permanent or ad hoc, and, on the other hand, to have women elected to leadership positions.


In October 1999, Ms. Najma Heptulla (India) became the first woman to have been elected to the post of the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Council (currently Governing Counil), IPU's plenary governing body

Moreover, since 1991 the election of the President does not take place without the women MPs actively scrutinizing the candidates in particular as regards their views and intentions concerning the development of the IPU's prograMs. on the status of women.


Set up in 1889, it was not until nearly one century later, in 1987, that the IPU first elected a women to its Executive Committee.

Then in 1988, the women MPs had the statutory provisions concerning the Executive Committee's composition amended to lay down that at least two women (three according to the Statutes adopted in 2003) should be among the 17 members of this restricted governing body, which is chaired ex officio by the IPU President. A second woman was forthwith elected to the Committee in 1988 which has since then always included women and, on two occasions, has elected a woman as its Vice-President.

Women members of the Executive Committee

Ms. M. Molina RubioGuatemala10.1987-04.1991
Ms. L. TaklaEgypt09.1988-04.1991
Ms. M. Arguëllo MoralesNicaragua10.1990-09.1992
Ms. H. MegahedEgypt04.1991-09.1992
Ms. L. FischerGermany10.1991-10.1995Vice-President in 1993
Ms. H. Castillo de LópezVenezuela09.1992-09.1996
Ms. N. MazhoudTunisia09.1992-09.1994
Ms. T.S. DarsoyoIndonesia04.1993-10.1995Vice-President in 1994
Ms. F. KéfiTunisia09.1994-09.1996 et 04.1999-04.2000
Ms. V. FurubjelkeSweden04.1995-09.1997 et 05.2000-01.2002
Ms. N. HeptullaIndia10.1995-10.2002President in 1999-2002
Ms. T. FaisalJordan09.1996-11.1997
Ms. K. KilvetEstonia09.1997-03.1999
Ms. T. YariguinaRussian Federation09.1997-09.2001
Ms. B. ImiolczykPoland04.1998-05.2000
Ms. S. FinestoneCanada10.1999-01.2002
Ms. Z. Ríos-MonttGuatemala10.2000-10.2004
Ms. J. FraserCanada03.2002-09.2003 et 04.2004-05.2006
Ms. P. LarsenDenmark03.2002-04.2004
Ms. G. MahlanguSouth Africa03.2002-04.2004
Ms. M.N. Mensah-WilliamsNamibia 09.2003-10.2007 et 03.2014-Vice-President in 2005-2007
Ms. K. KomiFinland04.2004-04.2008
Ms. K. Serrano PuigCuba10.2004-10.2008
Ms. A. VadaiHungary10.2004-10.2006
Ms. L. LerksamranThailand10.2005-10.2006
Ms. E. PapademetriouGreece10.2005-10.2009
Ms. M. XavierUruguay05.2006-04.2008
Ms. Z. Drif BitatAlgeria 10.2007-10.2011 et 10.2014-03.2016Vice-President in 2010-2011
Ms. J. FotsoCameroon10.2007-10.2010
Ms. P. CayetanoPhilippines04.2008-04.2010
Ms. A. MöllerIsland04.2008-04.2010
Ms. D. Stump Switzerland10.2009-11.2011
Ms. S. GreissEgypt04.2010-12.2010
Ms. S. Moulengui-MouéléGabon 10.2010-10.2014
Ms. M.A. SaaChile10.2010-10.2011
Ms. N. AssegafIndonesia 12.2010-03.2014
Ms. A. Kabore KoalaBurkina Faso 10.2011-04.2013
Ms. R. KadagaUganda 10.2011-10.2015
Ms. N. MotsamaiLesotho 10.2011-10.2015
Ms. I. PassadaUruguay 10.2011-10.2015 Vice-President in 2012-2014
Ms. F. Diendere DialloBurkina Faso 04.2013-11.2014
Ms. S. Ataullahjan Canada 03.2014-10.2014
Ms. A. HabibouNiger 04.2015-
Ms. C. Cerqueira Angola 10.2015-05.2016
Ms. G. Eldegard Norway 10.2015-
Ms. F. Benbadis Algeria 03.2016-

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