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  Events on the occasion of the
  International Day of Democracy 2010

Together. Crystal Graphics Images IPU encourages all parliaments to organize activities on 15 September to promote dialogue with citizens and highlight the theme of Political accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens. Suggestions for events and other activities that parliaments may organize around that date are listed below.


The theme of Political accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens runs through a number of events organized by the IPU in the course of 2010:

For information about IPU activities organized in connection with the celebration of the International Day of Democracy in previous years, use the links below:


Parliaments are requested to inform the IPU about their plans for the International Day of Democracy. Below is a list of parliamentary events organized in 2010 that IPU is aware of. The list is based on the information received by IPU from parliaments around the world.

Click on the country name to see information about the corresponding parliament as stored in PARLINE database. To add information about an event to the list, please contact the IPU Secretariat.

Last updated on 5 July 2011   
CountryDescription of event
AlgeriaThe National People's Assembly and the Council of the Nation  organized a conference on "Political Accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens" on 15 September. Parliamentarians, civil society organizations and representatives of the media were invited to attend.
AndorraThe General Council held a debate on "How to strengthen the links between parliaments and citizens?" on 15 September for parliamentarians, representatives of civil society and the Andorran media. The debate was broadcast on national television, and a blog was created on the General Council's website.
ArmeniaThe Speaker of the National Assembly delivered a message to the public on 15 September.   [ Further information ...]

The National Council invited philosopher Dr. Hans Albert to make a presentation on "Science and Democracy", followed by a discussion. The introduction to the address was given by Dr. Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann, from the University of Salzburg. In 2007, the Austrian Parliament created the "Democracy Workshop" to promote children's and adolescents' understanding of democracy and interest in politics. Since October 2007, approximately 26,670 students have attended over 1,160 workshops.

BahrainThe Council of Representatives and the Shura Council issued a joint statement on 15 September.
BelarusMs. Nina Mazai, the Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Council of the Republic, met with students from the Academy of State Administration.   [ Further information ...]
BhutanThe National Council and the National Assembly organized a two-day workshop on 15 and 16 September entitled "Democracy and Good Governance". Participants included representatives from parliament, the government, civil society, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, the private sector, students and farmers.   [ Further information ...]
Bulgaria The Bulgarian National Assembly's event for the International Day of Democracy 2010 focused on the link between parliamentarians and citizens. This included discussions on the use of the Internet to facilitate communication between members of parliaments and citizens, and efforts to improve communication on European Union issues and increase the participation of citizens in the democratic process.
Croatia The Croatian Parliament held a roundtable discussion on "Political Accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens", on 14 September. It was hosted by the Speaker of Parliament, Luka Bebić, and Marija Lugarić, Chair of the Croatian Inter-Parliamentary Group. Participants included members of parliament, academics, the media, and representatives of civil society, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Over 30 participants engaged in the discussion, which lasted over 3 hours. The event was well covered by the national media.
Cuba The National Assembly of the People's Power organized a conference entitled "Democracy in Cuba" with students from "Raúl Roa García", the Higher Institute of International Relations. A rich debate on the theme took place, and information on the parliament's international work and on the IPU was provided.
Democratic Republic of the Congo The National Assembly celebrated the International Day of Democracy on 20 October. This year's theme of strengthening the link between parliaments and citizens was reflected upon by the different parliamentary groups.
Finland The parliament organized a general debate on "Political Accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens". The general public was able to follow the debate via the parliament's website. The Prime Minister delivered a statement to the parliament at the opening of the debate, held on 22 September 2010.
Gambia On 15 September, the Speaker addressed the members and the staff of the National Assembly and representatives from five secondary schools, six tertiary institutions, the University of the Gambia and media houses. That was followed by speeches on political accountability by two members of parliament from the ruling party, and two members of parliament from the opposition party. Interventions and discussions with the public were welcome. Banners and T-shirts on this year's theme were printed. The panel discussion was followed on radio and television.
Georgia On 15 September, the Speaker opened an exhibition that illustrates the ethnic diversity of the population, entitled "Democracy in Tbilisi". Members of parliament were asked to attend the exhibition, which was held in the gardens of the Parliament, in their national costumes.   [ Further information ...]

The Bundestag was open to the public on 12 September 2010. Members and staff of the Bundestag fielded questions, and provided insight into their work.
A mobile information unit also travels around Germany throughout the year, offering accessible and transparent information about parliamentary procedures and the work and achievements of the members of the Bundestag.
Furthermore, a mobile exhibition allows the Members to provide information in each of their constituencies on their work, parliament's functions and working methods, and the legislative process.

GreeceThe Hellenic Parliament held a special plenary session on 15 September to celebrate the International Day of Democracy. The poster and brochure produced by the IPU for the 2010 International Day of Democracy were translated and sent to schools throughout Greece.
IndiaThe Lok Sabha television channel telecast a programme on the theme "Political Accountability: Forging links between parliaments and citizens" on 15 September.
Ireland The House of Representatives and Senate issued a press release, and have included information on the International Day of Democracy on their website.   [ Further information ...]
LatviaThe Saeima held an Open Day event on 17 September. The Saeima received nearly 2,000 applications to attend this event, which provided guests with an opportunity to visit the premises of the Saeima, gain insight into the work carried out by parliamentary committees, and obtain information on the Saeima's foreign and diplomatic affairs. The Latvian group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union informed the visitors about the IPU and its functions.
LituaniaThe Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania opened a special exhibition on “Andrei D. Sakharov: Alarm and Hope”, which honoured the human rights legacy of Andrei Sakharov. This exhibition was initiated by the European Commissioner for Human Rights.
MonacoThe National Council has included information on the International Day of Democracy and the IPU's 2010 poster on its website.

The Senate celebrated the International Day of Democracy on 14 September with a joint declaration, a statement delivered by Senator Rosario Green, and a special programme on the Congress television station. The programme included the screening of the documentary "Enemies of Happiness" about the Afghan woman parliamentarian Malalai Joya, and a panel discussion and analysis of the documentary. A link to this programme was posted on the Senate website.
Furthermore, the Senate distributed the IPU's 2010 posters and leaflets on political accountability within the Senate, and in certain educational institutes in the Federal District.

Namibia Speaker Gurirab's statement on the International Day of Democracy was distributed as a press release on 15 September. A banner with the slogan "Your Parliament: Working for You, Accountable to You" was displayed on Independence Avenue from 11 to 18 September, and another banner was placed in front of the Parliament. Full-page advertisements containing a modified version of the IPU poster were taken out in Namibia's three main daily newspapers (New Era, The Namibian, and Die Republikein) and copies were also displayed in the parliament building and public offices for 2 weeks.
New ZealandThe House of Representatives created a webpage with information on the International Day of Democracy.   [ Further information ...]
Peru The Congress of the Republic held a workshop for parliamentarians and students on 15 September. The workshop focused on the role of new technologies in a democracy and in ensuring legislative accountability. A poster was produced to advertise the workshop.
Philippines The Senate organized a debating contest on "Political Accountability: Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens" for several universities on 15 September. The Senate also distributed the IPU's 2010 poster and leaflet during the week of 15 September.
Republic of Korea The Speaker of the National Assembly delivered a statement to celebrate this occasion.
Romania A Declaration was presented in the plenum of each Chamber on 15 September. Information on the Day was also posted on the Senate's website.   [ Further information ...]
Rwanda The Chamber of Deputies will celebrate the occasion on 26, 28 and 29 September. Debates will be held on "Democracy and Tolerance" and on "The role of the legislative, executive and judiciary powers and civil society in reinforcing democracy".
South AfricaThe South African Parliament commemorated the International Day of Democracy by holding a debate in the National Assembly on 15 September. The theme of the debate was "A review of progress made in meeting international commitments in the area of democracy and human rights, with a focus on areas for future efforts".
SwitzerlandThe Speaker of the National Council and the President of the Council of States delivered statements on 15 September.
ThailandThe National Assembly of Thailand held an exhibition for the International Day of Democracy (15 September) and Thai Democracy Day (14 October). The exhibition provided information on democracy at the national and international levels.
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia On 12-14 September, an e-democracy conference was held. The central theme, "ICT, a driver for improving democracy", reflects common goals of politicians, policymakers, companies and citizens, all seeking ways to give ICT a prominent role in strengthening democracy in South-East Europe and in the rest of the world.   [ Further information ...]
Furthermore, the Assembly held a round table discussion on "Political accountability: Strengthening links between the parliament and citizens" on 15 September. This event was organized in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Institute for Parliamentary Democracy (IPD). It was broadcast on the Parliamentary TV channel. Panellists included the coordinators of the Parliamentary Groups in the Assembly, the President of the Association of the Units of Local Governments (ZELS), the Dean of the University of South-Eastern Europe and representatives of parliamentarians’ Offices for Communication with Citizens..
Tunisia The Chamber of Deputies celebrated the International Day of Democracy by hosting the inaugural session of the Youth Parliament on 25 July 2010. This date also marked the 53rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Tunisia Republic.
United Kingdom A special webpage was created with information on the International Day of Democracy, including on how citizens can get involved in parliament.   [ Further information ...]

The Senate held a special session during which a representative from each political party had an opportunity to deliver a statement. The IPU's 2010 leaflet and poster were distributed to all members of parliament, the executive branch of government, and to all ministries, and information was posted on the Internet.
On 15 September a press conference took place, informing the public of the cooperation between parliament and the Post Office in launching a contest for primary and secondary school children. The winner will have his/her work published on a postal stamp.

ZambiaThe Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly spoke at the opening of the National Youth Parliament, which marks the International Day of Democracy.   [ Further information ...]
East African Legislative AssemblyThe EALA adopted a motion recognizing the International Day of Democracy on 15 September.   [ Further information ...]
European ParliamentOn the eve of the International Day of Democracy, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek delivered a statement.   [ Further information ...]
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of EuropeOn 8 September, the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a Declaration in support of the Universal Declaration on Democracy and the International Day of Democracy. This Declaration was published online on 15 September.   [ Further information ...]
Events at the United Nations
The Venezuelan Chair of the International Conference of New or Restored Democracies organized an interactive debate on "Democracy and the Millennium Development Goals” in the United Nations General Assembly Hall on 15 September.
The United Nations Secretary-General delivered a statement on the International Day of Democracy 2010   [ Statement ...]
BrazilThe "Plenarinho", a web portal in Brazil aimed at providing information and raising children's awareness of the Chamber of Deputies and the legislative process, provided information on the International Day of Democracy. It also organized activities to celebrate this occasion.   [ Further information ...]
CambodiaOn the eve of the International Day of Democracy, non-governmental organizations, community organizations and unions held a press conference to mark the release of the joint civil society report on the state of freedom of expression, "Cambodia Gagged: Democracy at Risk?"    [ Further information ...]
FinlandPolitical Parties of Finland for Democracy, Demo Finland, organized a Democracy Week in September 2010. On 14 and 15 September, a two-day seminar, entitled "Democracy and Human Rights for Development", took place. An International Democracy Day Party was held on 15 September, and on 16 September, a seminar entitled "Democracy as Prerequisite for Development" was organized.
Ghana The Institute of Economic Affairs in Ghana organized an event on the theme "Is Ghana's democracy under a threat?" on 15 September.
KenyaUNDP Kenya will commemorate the International Day of Democracy in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs. The celebrations took place at the Bomas of Kenya on 15 September. The theme for the celebration is "Katiba Mpya, Mwanzo Mpya" (New Constitution, a New Dawn).
Maldives With the support of UNDP, a group of non-governmental organizations hosted an event entitled "Democracy in Frames" on 15 September. The event allowed members of the public to gather in support of democracy, and provided individuals with an opportunity to paint posters on the theme "Political Accountability: Strengthening links between the parliament and the citizens".   [ Further information ...] In addition, President Mohamed Nasheed called on the people of the Maldives to renew their commitment to consolidating democracy.   [ Further information ...]
MoroccoAt a conference at the Moroccan Centre for Civic Education in Casablanca on 15 September, journalists and members of civil society discussed the role of the media in promoting democracy and human rights.
NetherlandsThe Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, the Forum for Democratic Development, the Dutch Institute for Public and Politics, the European Partnership for Democracy, and the Dutch Ministry of Interior Affairs organized an international seminar, a youth programme, a debate on national politics and a Democracy Ribbons 2010 awards ceremony.   [ Further information ...]
Timor-LesteThe Ministry of Education organized a National Speech Contest on the topic "As a citizen of Timor-Leste what does democracy mean to you?" for high-school students.   [ Further information ...]
USAThe US Department of State organized a photo and video challenge, which consisted of citizens taking a photo or producing a video to complete the phrase "Democracy is…". The prize included a special exhibition of the winning photos at UN Headquarters in New York and an awards ceremony for the winning videos with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.   [ Further information ...]
Community of Democracies Parliamentary ForumThe Community of Democracies Parliamentary Forum organized a meeting entitled "The Frontiers of Democracy: Challenges in Eastern Europe and Central and South America" on 15 September. The Forum took the form of a teleconference, connecting the parliamentary meeting in the US House of Representatives with the European Parliament in Brussels.
European UnionHigh Representative Catherine Ashton released a statement.   [ Further information ...]
International IDEAThe International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance launched its publication "15 Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide" on 15 September.   [ Further information ...]
World Movement for DemocracyThe World Movement for Democracy, along with its Steering Committee and related networks, held a special meeting.   [ Further information ...]
DebatewiseAn online debating website, Debatewise, created a public debate entitled "Is direct democracy the best way to maintain trust in government?"   [ Further information ...]