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Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat
Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Sub-Committee of Laws and Human Rights

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat
Date of creation 13 November 2000
Last renewal date
Mandate The Sub-Committee deals with human rights law, home affairs and empowerment of public administrators. It is competent to examine complaints or petitions of individuals or groups who wish to express their views relating to human rights.. It is also responsible for supervising the implementation of human rights. The Sub-Committee is not entitled to discuss a bill on human rights issues, which is dealt with directly by Committee II .
Membership The Sub-Committee has 22 members each nominated by the faction to which they belong, taking account of each member's own preference and other factors. They serve for a five-year term, unless a proposal is made by the member or his or her faction for a transfer to another sub-committee or committee.
Working methods Items for discussion are selected taking account of public concerns about human rights issues, and a meeting of the Sub-Committee decides whether each item is accepted as an agenda item. Most of its meetings are public, except when the presiding officers are elected. The Sub-Committee may summon government officials to hearings as provided for by the Rules of Procedure of the House, which requires a proposal by at least 10 members. It may also seek more information on the issues referred to it by conducting informal meetings with the competent governmental and non-governmental human rights institutions. The Sub-Committee reports its discussions to Committee II, which adopts a decision and refers it for approval to the House plenary. The Sub-Committee has no authority to enforce the implementation of a decision but it is able to provide political scrutiny. It does not at present publish reports or other documents.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Sub-Committee is established by Committee II, which is responsible for preparing laws and budget estimates, and carrying out parliamentary scrutiny of judicial and home affairs matters. Accordingly, the Sub-Committee coordinates all its actions with Committee II. However, decisions can only be taken at plenary meeting of Committee II.
Relations with external bodies The government, the Ombudsman, the National Human Rights Commission, and experts from NGOs are partners of the Sub-Committee in discussing human rights issues and may be invited to its meetings.
Subjects dealt with The Aceh Case; the Timor Lorosae Case; the Tanjung Priok Case; and the Trisakti Case.
Main address
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Name Mr. Syaiful Rahman
Notes ...
Address (if different from above) Komplek DPR-RI Blok A - 6 No. 94
JAKARTA 12750 (Indonesia)
Phone (+62 21) 575 54 86
Fax (+62 21) 575 54 88
E-mail fppp@dpr.go.id
Address (if different from above) Cidahu Pandeglang Rt 01/01
Kel. Tanagara Kec. Cidasari
BANTEN (Indonesia)
Phone (+62 21) 798 91 60
Fax (+62 816) 75 23 47
E-mail ...
Name Mr. L.T. Susanto
Notes ...
Address (if different from above) Komplek DPR-RI Blok F, No. 456
JAKARTA, 12750 (Indonesia)
Phone (+62 21) 575 59 45
Fax (+62 21) 575 59 31
E-mail ...
Address (if different from above) Jl. Jend. A Yani No. 23
Pontianak Kalimantan Barat (Indonesia)
Phone (+62 21) 798 98 69 (+62 817) 70 01 48 / (+62 811) 56 12 99
Fax ...
E-mail ...
Name Mr. S.H. Suroso
Notes Head of Section of the Secretariat of Committee II
Address (if different from above) Komp. DPR-RI II Blok D No. 117
Meruya Selatan Kec. Kembangan
JAKARTA 11650 (Indonesia)
Phone (+62 21) 571 55 26 (+62 21) 585 61 83
Fax (+62 21) 571 55 24
E-mail ...
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