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  PARLINE: modules PARLINE database

Each module in PARLINE covers a different aspect of the structure and working methods of parliament. The seven modules are described below.

Information for each module is normally provided for every parliamentary chamber in PARLINE. Please note that for some chambers, not all modules are available. Use the Modules pages to view and export data for selected fields and selected countries. In this way, it is possible to compare various aspects of the different parliamentary systems.

An eighth module, on Election archives, is accessible only from the Last election page of each parliamentary chamber.


Informations généralesInformations générales. Includes the parliament's name, its senior parliamentary figures, number of members and contact details. It also includes the year of the parliament's affiliation to the IPU, if applicable.arrow
Système électoralSystème électoral. Describes the number of constituencies, the type of voting system, the requirements for candidates and voters, and various other details of the electoral law.arrow
Dernières électionsDernières élections. Provides a report on the context of the most recent parliamentary elections, as well as detailed statistics and election results, including the distribution of seats among political groups. Also provides access to election archives.arrow
PrésidencePrésidence. Describes how the Presiding Officer is elected or appointed, and gives details of their status, term of office and functions within parliament, including any special powers.arrow
MandatMandat. Information on the mandate of individual members of parliament, including when the mandate begins and ends, members' salaries and allowances, parliamentary immunity and codes of conduct.arrow
Contrôle parlementaireContrôle parlementaire. Provides a wide range of information on the ways in which parliament oversees the actions of the executive and on government's accountability to parliament.arrow
Instances spécialiséesInstances spécialisées. Information about specialized commissions, committees, sub-committees, etc. dealing with specific fields of activity, such as human rights, the status of women, international trade, and HIV/AIDS.arrow

Important note for our correspondents in national parliaments:
Should information concerning your parliament be inaccurate, outdated or be missing altogether from the PARLINE database, please contact the IPU Secretariat at .
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