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  PARLINE database:
  "Parliamentary oversight" module
PARLINE database

The Parliamentary oversight module provides a wide range of information on the ways in which parliament oversees the actions of the executive and on government's accountability to parliament.

Use the Modules pages to view and export data for selected fields and selected countries. In this way, it is possible to compare various aspects of the different parliamentary systems.

1. Select the geographic scope
  (see definition of regions)

2. Select up to 5 fields
Political system
Type of political regimePresidential, semi-presidential, parliamentary, etc.
Head of the executiveRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Type of political regimeRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Term of office of the executiveTerm, including coincidence with that of the legislature
IncompatibilityIncompatibility of the functions of MP and the executive
Dissolution of ParliamentCircumstances and modalities
Accountability of Government to ParliamentRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Oral and written questionsDetailed provisions
Government reportsDetailed provisions
Vote of confidenceDetailed provisions
Motions of censureCircumstances, modalities and consequences
Dismissal and/or impeachmentCircumstances, modalities and consequences
Oversight over the actions of the Government administration
Right to overseeYes / No, including detailed provisions
Hearings in CommitteesDetailed provisions
Committees of inquiry and missionsDetailed provisions
Oral and written questionsDetailed provisions
Appointment of senior officialsDetailed provisions
Activity reportsDetailed provisions
Representation in governing bodiesDetailed provisions
Existence of an ombudsmanYes / No, including detailed provisions
Budgetary oversight
Consultations in the preparation of the budgetYes / No, including detailed provisions
Examination of the budgetDetailed provisions
Reports on the budgetDetailed provisions
Defence budgetDetailed provisions
Budget of special departmentsDetailed provisions
National development plansDetailed provisions
Deadline for the adoptionDetailed provisions
Consequences of failureDetailed provisions
Budgetary autonomy of ParliamentYes / No, including detailed provisions
Oversight of government spending
Government reportsYes / No, including detailed provisions
Oversight of public companiesYes / No, including detailed provisions
Body for auditingDetailed provisions
Reports of the public auditor's officeDetailed provisions
Special committeesDetailed provisions
Oversight over foreign policy
Foreign Relations CommitteeFunctions, powers and composition
Involvement of ParliamentRatification procedures, participation in meetings, etc.
Oversight over national defence policy
National Defence CommitteeFunctions, powers and composition
Public arms manufacturing companiesDetailed provisions
Modalities and procedures in case of warRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Sending troops abroadRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Other mechanismsDetailed provisions
State of emergency
CircumstancesRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Initiative and consequencesRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Verification of the constitutionality and the application of laws
Body ruling on the constitutionality of lawsRelevant constitutional and other provisions
Means and proceduresDetailed provisions
Evaluation of lawsYes / No, including detailed provisions
Measures against legislative inflationDetailed provisions

Important note for our correspondents in national parliaments:
Should information concerning your parliament be inaccurate, outdated or be missing altogether from the PARLINE database, please contact the IPU Secretariat at .
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