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Cámara de Senadores (Senate)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Congreso / Congress
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Cámara de Senadores / Senate
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Cámara de Diputados / Chamber of Deputies
Electoral Law 1 January 1900
Mode of designation directly elected 45
Constituencies 1 multi-member (45 seats) national constituency.
Voting system Proportional: Closed party list proportional representation system.
- Each political party or movement presents a list of candidates with as many names as the number of seats to be filled.
- The votes received by each list are divided by one, two, three, four and so on up to the number of seats to be filled. The quotients are ranked from the largest to the smallest. Seats are then allocated to the lists with the highest averages.
- Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by substitues elected at the same time as titular members.
- Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - age: 18 years
- Paraguayan citizenship
- residency in the country
- disqualifications: mental and physical incapacity declared by a court, deaf-mutes who cannot express themselves in writing, conscripts and soldiers of the armed forces and police, military and police cadets, detention
Eligibility Qualified electors
- age: 40 years
- Paraguayan citizenship
- ineligibility: conviction depriving of freedom or of right to hold public office, electoral offences
Incompatibilities - magistrates
- Attorney-General and members of his office
- Prosecutor
- owners of the media-related organizations
- Comptroller General and Deputy Comptroller General
- members of the electoral authority
- members of the clergy
- representatives or agents of enterprises, corporations or bodies which have obtained a concession from the Government to operate a public service
- members of the armed or police forces on active duty
- candidates for President and Vice-President of the Republic
Candidacy requirements - candidatures are in order by a recognized party or political movement which has the backing of 100 electors

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