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National Assembly

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Parliament name National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 17 November 1995
Last amendment: 28/11/1996
Mode of designation directly elected 35
Constituencies 25 single-member constituencies.
Voting system Mixed: - 25 members directly elected by simple majority vote
- Remaining members (whose number must equal at least 27 per cent of the number of members elected under the majority system; currently fixed at nine) are nominated by political parties that obtain at least 10% of the total votes cast under the majority system. These parties are entitled to nominate one member for every 10 per cent of the votes polled.
By-elections are held within 30 days to fill seats which fall vacant between general elections, unless these occur within three months of a scheduled polling period.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Age: 18 years
- Seychelles citizenship
- Residence in the country
Disqualifications: insanity, conviction for a crime, imprisonment exceeding six months.
Eligibility - Qualified voters
- Age: 18 years
- Seychelles citizenship
- Any person involved in the conduct of National Assembly elections
- Any person involved in the registration process of National Assembly elections
Incompatibilities - President of the Republic
- Minister of government
Candidacy requirements - Membership of a political party
- Support of at least 50 voters
- Reimbursable deposit equivalent to US$ 300

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