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Majlis Welayat (Council of States)

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Parliament name The National Legislature
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majlis Welayat / Council of States
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majlis Watani / National Assembly
Electoral Law 14 July 2008
National Elections Act 2008
Mode of designation indirectly elected 54
other 2
Constituencies N/A
Voting system : N/A
Voter requirements - Nationality of Sudan
- Age: at least 21 years old
- be of sound mind
- be literate
conviction of an offence involving honesty or moral turpitude during the previous seven years.
Eligibility - Sudanese nationality
- age: 21 years old
- persons of sound mind
- being literate
- persons who have not been convicted of an offence involving honesty or moral turpitude during the seven years prior o the nomination
- persons who are not a member of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly or its Government or a member of a state legislature or its government, or a member of the National Council of Ministers.
Incompatibilities - Members of the National Assembly,
- Members of Southern Sudan Assembly or Executive, and Governors and members of state legislatures or executives, shall not be eligible for membership of the National Legislature while occupying any of the aforementioned positions.
Candidacy requirements N/A

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