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Cámara de Representantes (House of Representatives)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Asamblea General / General Assembly
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Cámara de Representantes / House of Representatives
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Cámara de Senadores / Senate
Electoral Law 1 October 1925
Last amendment: 9.06.1999
Mode of designation directly elected 99
Constituencies 19 multi-member (at least 2 seats) constituencies corresponding to the country's departments.
Voting system Proportional: Direct election, party-list proportional representation system using the simple quotient and highest average formula for remainders.
Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by substitutes elected at the same time as the titular members.
Voting is compulsory, unjustified abstention being punishable by a fine.
Voter requirements - age: 18 years
- Uruguayan citizenship
- presence in country on polling day
- disqualifications: mental illness, conviction for criminal offence
Eligibility - age: 25 years
- Uruguayan citizenship by birth or naturalization for at least 5 years
- full possession of civil rights
Incompatibilities - judges
- prosecuting attorneys
- police officials
- directors of national companies
- members of the armed forces on active duty
Candidacy requirements - lists of candidates must be sumitted by political parties to the national Electoral Court at least 20 days prior to the elections

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