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National Assembly

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Parliament name Parliament
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name National Assembly
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Senate
Electoral Law 15 December 2004
Last amendment: (Electoral Act 85/2013)
Mode of designation directly elected 210
other 60
Constituencies - 10 multi-member constituencies corresponding to the country's 10 administrative provinces, which are divided into 210 districts
Voting system Majority:
- First-past-the-post (FPTP) for the 210 directly elected seats
- Six women will be elected in each of the 10 administrative provinces based on the votes cast for candidates representing political parties in proportion to the parties' overall share of votes received under the FPTP

Vacancies arising between regular elections under the FPTP are filled at by-elections held within 90 days after the vacancy becomes official. Vacancies for the 60 seats reserved for women are filled by the "next-in-line" candidate of the same party.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - age: at least 18 years old at the time of registration
- Zimbabwean citizenship
- registration within the constituency
- residence in an electoral constituency
- disqualifications: absence from the constituency for more than one year, insanity or mental incompetence, incapacity to manage own affairs, conviction for electoral offence
Eligibility - qualified elector
- age: 21 at the time of registration
- Zimbabwean citizenship
- resident in the country for at least 5 years in the 20 years preceding the election

- persons disqualified under the Fourth Schedule of the 2013 Constitution for registration as a voter
- persons who, within five years before the election, vacated a seat in the Senate or the National Assembly because they were convicted of an offence
Incompatibilities - public office (except for Ministers or Deputy Ministers)
- members of the defence forces or certain members of the reserve police force
- persons holding unpaid office (other than allowances)
Candidacy requirements - candidacy by individuals or political parties
- nomination by not fewer than five persons registered on the voter roll for the constituency
- deposit of the nomination fee

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