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Parliamentary bodies dealing with HIV/AIDS :
Committee on Public Health

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Senatul
Date of creation 1992
Last renewal date
Mandate The Committee: a) Examines and debates draft laws and legislative proposals with a view to elaborating reports or making recommendations in its sphere of competence, including HIV/AIDS; b) Requests information, reports and documentation from the public authorities whose activities are included in its field of competence, including HIV/AIDS; c) Examines and elaborates opinions on the written amendments referred to it within the statutory deadlines by the Senate Bureau; d) Debates and adopts decisions on the documents referred to it by the Bureau of the Senate, as well as on subjects proposed by the members of the Committee; f) Cooperates on a permanent basis with the relevant national institutions, with a view to elaborating and promoting legislative initiatives in this area; e) Cooperates with European and international bodies in matters within its field of competence, including HIV/AIDS; g) Organizes hearings and conducts parliamentary enquiries, where necessary, and submits reports to the Senate Bureau; h) May publish reports and other documents.
Membership It is composed of 11 members. The number of seats to which each parliamentary group is entitled is established through negotiations among the representatives of the groups, while ensuring that the Committee membership reflects the political configuration of the Senate, as a result of the elections. The nominations for membership of the Committee are put forward by the leaders of the parliamentary groups, based on the advice of Senators. The membership of the Committee is voted upon in plenary session in the Senate, and must obtain the majority of votes of the Senators present. Members serve a four-year term of office, corresponding to the duration of the parliamentary mandate.
Working methods The Committee was established with a view to preparing legislation and performing its oversight function. Upon the decision of the Senate's Bureau, the Committee elaborates opinions or reports on draft laws and legislative proposals that are placed on the Senate's agenda. Deadlines for the submission of such documents are also established by the Bureau, following consultations with the Chairperson of the Committee. As a result, the agenda of the Committee meetings is established primarily according to these deadlines. Following debate of draft laws and legislative initiatives, with the participation of the initiators or of the representatives of the government, the members of the Committee decide on the opinion or report to be adopted. Opinions and reports are adopted with the majority of votes of the members present. Government members or their representatives have access to the Committee meetings. Their participation is mandatory if requested by the Committee. The Committee requests reports, information or documents from public authorities.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Chairperson of the Committee or, in his/her absence, the Vice-Chair, participates to the meetings of the Senate's Bureau. At the request of the Senate's Bureau or of the Bureaux of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, the members of the Committee participate to joint Committee meetings with their colleagues from other Senate or Chamber Committees to debate on and elaborate joint opinions or reports. In cases where the Committee is requested to elaborate reports on draft laws and legislative proposals, it receives opinions from other Senate Committees. The Committee participates in various activities, projects and seminars, together with its counterpart in the Chamber of Deputies. The members of the Committee interact with their counterparts from other countries or international assemblies, when participating, in keeping with the Committee's sphere of competence, in international activities at the bilateral, European or multilateral levels.
Relations with external bodies Within its sphere of competence, the Committee exercises parliamentary oversight of and cooperates with the government and its specialized bodies; it also cooperates with relevant civil society organizations.
Subjects dealt with Reform of the public health sector; state health scheme; organization and functioning of medical consultation rooms.
Name Mr. Serban Cezar Stratila
Notes Chairperson of the Committee
Address (if different from above) Senatul Romaniei, Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 1-3, Intrarea A 1, sector 5, 050711 Bucarest, Roumanie
Phone +4021 312 13 96
Fax +4021 312 13 96
E-mail stratilaserban@yahoo.com
Name Mr. Sorin Mircea Oprescu
Notes Vice-Chairperson of the Committee
Address (if different from above)
Phone +4021 312 13 96
Fax +4021 312 13 96
E-mail comsan@senat.ro
Name Mr. Constantin Gaucan
Notes Secretary of the Committee
Address (if different from above)
Phone +4021 312 13 96
Fax +4021 312 13 96
E-mail comsan@senat.ro
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