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Majles A'Shura (Consultative Council)

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Parliament name Majles
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majles A'Shura / Consultative Council
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majles Addawla / State Council
Electoral Law 25 February 2003
Ministerial resolution No. 26/2003. Last modified: 09.09.2003 (Ministerial resolution No. 121/2003)
Mode of designation directly elected 85
Constituencies Constituencies ("Wilayats") with 30,000 citizens or more have two representatives each; constituencies with less than 30,000 citizens have one representative each.
In the 2015 elections, there were 61 constituencies in all:
- 24 multi-member constituencies (2 seats each)
- 37 single-member constituencies.
Voting system Proportional: - All candidates ran as independents (there is no party list).
- Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by the candidate that obtained the second highest vote.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Omani nationality (including naturalized Omanis);
- Age: 21 years and over;
- No restrictions based on gender, race, education, or social status;
- Registration in the national electoral register.

- Membership of military bodies or security apparatus, unless one year has passed since retirement or resignation at the time of registration.
Eligibility - Omani nationality (including naturalized Omanis);
- Age: 30 years and over;
- Resident of the district (constituency) being run for;
- Good reputation and conduct in the district (constituency);
- Reasonable level of education and culture;
- Reasonable working experience.

- Conviction of any offence or crime of dishonesty or honour;
- Insanity.
Incompatibilities - Membership of the State Council (Majlis al Dawla);
- Holders of public post or office;
- Membership of military bodies or security apparatus, unless two years have passed since retirement or resignation at the time of registration.
Candidacy requirements - Deposit at the candidacy registration committee of the constituency of a resume, passport or national ID copies and candidacy letter or form;
- Possible interview to validate information provided or determine satisfaction of conditions.

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