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Upper House (Upper House)

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Parliament name Federal Parliament
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name Upper House
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) House of the People
Electoral Law 1 August 2012
Last updated: 12 April and 9 August 2016 (Decision of the National Leadership Forum)
Mode of designation indirectly elected 54
Constituencies Federal member states shall devise a formula to distribute the seats to clans/peoples or areas/districts, in a balanced and inclusive manner, making sure that minorities get enough representation.
Voting system : State executives shall nominate at least two candidates for each seat. The state assemblies shall then vote for each seat individually.

Voting shall take place across all federal member states on the same day. The Presidents of the federal member states sign the list of official members of the Upper House for their respective states after a state-level electoral implementation team has forwarded the certified final results.

If a member of the Upper House loses their membership, the runner-up in the last election shall take up the position.
Voter requirements N/A
Eligibility - Citizenship of Somalia
- Aged between 25 and 75 years old
- Persons having completed a secondary school education
- Persons respecting Islamic values
- Persons having relevant experience.

- Persons having a criminal record
- Persons declared mentally incompetent
Incompatibilities Members of the House of the People
Candidacy requirements - Payment of a candidacy fee of USD 10,000. The fee for women candidates is reduced by 50 per cent.
- 50% of the members who are nominated to the Upper House must be women.

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