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Assemblée nationale (National Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Assemblée nationale / National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 6 September 1992
Last amendment: 11 January 2018 (Organic law no. 219/AN/18/7ème L)
Mode of designation directly elected 65
Constituencies 6 multi-member (3 to 35 seats, according to population) constituencies.
Voting system Proportional: - Each list must comprise the same number of candidates as the number of seats to be filled in each constituency. Each elector votes for one list, without vote-splitting or preferential vote.
- The list which obtains the absolute majority of the votes cast or the relative majority of the valid votes will be entitled to 80 per cent of the seats at stake.
- The remaining 20 per cent of the seats will be attributed proportionally to other lists which obtained at least 10 per cent of the valid votes, according to the highest average system.
- If no other list obtains the 10 per cent of the valid votes, the remaining 20 per cent of the seats will be attributed the party which won the majority of the votes or relative majority of the valid votes.
- Legislative elections shall be held within 30 days prior to or following the expiry of the mandate of members of the National Assembly
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Age: 18 years
- Djibouti citizenship
- Full enjoyment of civil and political rights
- Disqualifications: criminal conviction, certain prison sentences
Eligibility - Qualified voters
- Age: 23 years
- Djibouti citizenship
- Residence in the country
Ability to read, write and speak French or Arabic fluently
- Persons convicted for a crime, convicted of an offence and sentenced to a prison term exceeding three years or a suspended prison sentence exceeding one year, except for convictions involving misdemeanour
- Non-Djiboutian nationals
Incompatibilities - President of the Republic
- National Commissioners, district chiefs and deputy district chiefs, subdistrict (arrondissement) chiefs in the district of Djibouti
- Government and ministry secretaries general
- Magistrates
- State supervisors, labour inspectors and school supervisors
Members of the armed forces and of the national security force
- Police commissioners and inspectors
Candidacy requirements - party lists must be submitted at least 15 days before the start of the election campaign
- the proportion of either male or female candidates on the lists of candidates submitted by political parties and/or political party groupings must be 25 per cent of the number of seats to be filled. If not the list will be inadmissible. The quota of elected members of either sex to the National Assembly is fixed at not less than 25 per cent.
- a deposit of D.Fr. 500,000 per candidate is required; it is reimbursed to all candidates on party lists having obtained at least 5 per cent of the votes cast.

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