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Congreso nacional (National Congress)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Congreso Nacional / National Congress
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 19 May 1981
Last amendment: 17/11/1989
Mode of designation directly elected 128
Constituencies 18 constituencies corresponding to the country's departments (number of seats varies according to population).
Voting system Mixed: Mixed system:
- proportional representation using closed party-lists, and the simple (Hare) quotient, with seats allocated on the basis of greatest remainders for multi-member constituencies
- simple majority vote for single-member constituencies
Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by substitutes elected at the same time as titular members.
Voting is compulsory (no sanctions).
Voter requirements - age: 18 years
- Honduran citizenship
- disqualifications: prisoners, criminal conviction, incompetency, members of the armed forces
Eligibility Qualified electors
- age: 21 years
- Honduran citizenship
- birth in constituency where running or residence there for at least five years
Incompatibilities - certain public posts
- high-ranking positions in State institutions
- government contractor within six months of the elections
Candidacy requirements - political party or independent candidatures
- nomination to be submitted between convocation of elections and at least 45 days before poll

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