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Assemblée nationale (National Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Assemblée nationale / National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 16 April 1996
Last amendment: 14 November 2015 (Loi organique n°2014-71)
Mode of designation directly elected 171
Constituencies - Eight multi-member ordinary constituencies corresponding to the country's regions and the metropolitan area of the capital Niamey (158 members in total);
- Eight special constituencies to ensure representation of national minority communities (8 members);
- Five single-member constituencies for Niger citizens living abroad (one per continent).
Voting system Mixed:
- List Proportional Representation, using the simple quotient and a highest average method for ordinary constituencies. Each list contains as many names as there are seats to be filled in the constituency;
- First Past The Post in the special and single-member constituencies.

Vacancies which arise between general elections are filled by substitute members. However, by-elections are held whenever more than one third of the seats fall vacant.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Age: 18 years old or married;
- Niger citizenship;
- Full possession of civil and political rights.

Disqualifications: conviction for crime, imprisonment for one year or more, insanity, undischarged bankruptcy, prohibition, contempt of court.
Eligibility - Qualified voters;
- Age: 21 years old;
- Niger citizenship;
- Persons enjoying civil rights.
Incompatibilities - Member of the Government;
- Civil servant;
- Work financed by a foreign State or international organization;
- Salaried employment.
Candidacy requirements - Candidature by political parties/groups or independents. At least 75 per cent of candidates on each list must hold a high school certificate;
- Deposit of CFA 250,000 per list of candidates for the ordinary constituencies, and CFA 100,000 per candidate for the special and single-member constituencies;
- Candidatures to be submitted 45 days before polling day.

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