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Kuk Hoe (National Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Kuk Hoe / National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 4 March 1994
Last amendment: 3 March 2016
Mode of designation directly elected 300
Constituencies - 253 single-member district constituencies
- 1 multi-member (47 seats) national constituency
Voting system Mixed: - simple majority direct vote in the 253 single-member constituencies.
- proportional representation for 47 seats. These seats are divided proportionately among the political parties based upon their votes obtained in the districts, on condition that they have obtained at least 3% of the total valid votes cast or secured five district constituency seats or more.
Vacancies of district constituency seats arising between general elections are filled through by-elections, on condition that there remains at least one year in the term of the Assembly member to be replaced. Vacancies of proportional representation seats are filled by the "next-in-line" candidates of the political party concerned.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - age: 19 years
- Republic of Korea citizenship
Eligibility Qualified electors
- age: 25 years
- Republic of Korea citizenship
Incompatibilities - State and local public servants (except those who are legally allowed to take part in political activities)
- President of the Republic, members of local legislatures, adjudicators of the Constitution Court, members of National Election Commission
- employees and senior managers of government invested companies
- employees and senior managers of the National Agricultural Co-operative Federation and the National Federation of Fisheries Co-operatives
- teachers not allowed to join political parties (others shall temporarily drop the title and return to schools when the term is over).
Candidacy requirements - support of 300 to 500 voters in the constituency (for independent candidates)
- monetary deposit of 15 million won, which is reimbursed in full if a district constituency candidate obtains at least 15% of the valid votes cast. Only half the amount is reimbursed if he/she receives over 10% but less than 15% of the votes. Deposits can be reimbursed to candidates running for proportional representation seats if his/her party obtains at least one seat.

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