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Majlisi namoyandogon (House of Representatives)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Majlisi Oli / Supreme Council
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majlisi namoyandogon / House of Representatives
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majlisi milli / National Assembly
Title Chairman of the Majlisi Oli
Term - duration: 5 years (term of House)
- reasons for interruption of the term: resignation, vote of no confidence, pronouncement of incompetence by a court of law, invalidation of elections, death
Appointment - elected by all Members of the Majlisi Oli
- before mandates have been validated
Eligibility - any Member may be a candidate
Voting system - formal vote by secret ballot
- an absolute majority is required
Procedures / results - the outgoing Chairman presides over the Majlisi Oli during the voting
- the Central Committee for Elections and Referenda supervises the voting
- the outgoing Chairman announces the results without delay
Status - ranks second in the hierarchy of State
- may act as interim Head of State in the latter's absence
- represents the Majlisi Oli with the authorities
- represents the Majlisi Oli in international bodies
- in the absence of the Chairman, the First Vice-Chairman can assume his/her role and functions
Board - the Presidium is regulated by the Standing Orders
- consists of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen, and the Chairmen of committees and standing committees
- is only entrusted with assisting the Chairman
Material facilities NA (no information received)
Organization of parliamentary business NA (no information received)
Chairing of public sittings - can open, adjourn and close sittings
- ensures respect for provisions of the Constitution and Standing Orders
- checks the quorum
- authenticates the texts adopted and the records of debates
- has discretionary power to give the floor outside the agenda according to the Standing Orders
Special powers - supervises the services of the Majlisi Oli
- plays a particular role in the conduct of foreign policy and defence
Speaking and voting rights, other functions - takes the floor in legislative debates
- takes part in voting
- proposes bills or amendments as a Member of Parliament
- sends the laws adopted by the Majlisi Oli to the Head of State for signature

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