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Majlis al-Mustasharin (Chamber of Councillors)

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Parliament name -
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majlis al-Mustasharin / Chamber of Councillors
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majlis Al-Nuwab / Chamber of Deputies
Title President of the Chamber of Councillors
Term Duration: 1 year, renewable by election
Appointment - Elected by all members of the Chamber in plenary sitting at the beginning of each ordinary session (in October of each year)
Eligibility - Any councillor may present his/her candidature
- The President may renew his/her candidature for further terms of office
Voting system - Secret ballot if there are several candidates and by show of hands if there is a single candidate
- Absolute majority in the first round; relative majority in second round; in case of a tie in the second round, the older candidate is elected.
Procedures / results
Status - Represents the Chamber at public authorities
- Represents the Chamber at international organizations
- In case of vacancy, the First Vice-President assumes the post.
Board - The Chamber's Bureau is governed by its Standing Orders.
- It is composed of the President of the Chamber, two Vice-Presidents, the chairpersons of the seven standing committees and their seven rapporteurs. They are all elected for one year.
- It meets every two weeks.
- It assists the President in the organization and functioning of the Chamber.
Material facilities
Organization of parliamentary business - Convenes sittings
- Draws up and makes changes to the agenda after consultation with the Bureau of the Chamber
- Organizes the debates and sets speaking times
- Appoints committees to examine bills
Chairing of public sittings - Adjourns and ends sittings
- Enforces constitutional provisions and regulations
- Maintains discipline within the Chamber
- Draws up the list of speakers, gives the floor to and takes it from speakers
- Proceeds with voting and determines modalities thereof
- Verifies the quorum
- Authenticates instruments passed and minutes of sittings
- Interprets the Standing Orders and other rules governing the activities of the Chamber
Special powers - Manages the administrative services of the Chamber
- Appoints the Secretary General
- Organizes the Chamber's services
Speaking and voting rights, other functions No data

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