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Fono (Legislative Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Fono / Legislative Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Dates of election / renewal (from/to) 4 March 2016
Purpose of elections Following the elections, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi's Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) held a record 47 seats of the 49 seats at stake. The HRPP has been in power since 1979. The 70-year-old Prime Minister, who has held the post since 1998, was re-elected unopposed for a record 9th term in the Legislative Assembly, while other veteran HRPP members were replaced by younger HRPP candidates. The opposition Tautua Samoa Party (TSP) saw its seats reduced from 13 to three, falling short of the eight MPs needed to qualify as a parliamentary party. TSP leader Mr. Palusalue Fa'apo II lost his seat.

During the election campaign, the HRPP ran on the government's record, promising to create more jobs for young people and to "further the social and economic wellbeing of the Samoan people". The TSP promised to offer free medical care for all children under five years old and better health insurance for others.

The 2016 elections were the first to be held after the Constitution Amendment Act 2013 came into force. It requires a minimum 10% of the 49-member Legislative Assembly to be women, i.e., at least five women. Since four women were elected in 2016, an additional woman member (the unsuccessful candidate with the highest number of votes) was added to the Legislative Assembly. The number of members in the 2016 legislature has thus increased to 50.
Date of previous elections: 4 March 2011

Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature: 29 January 2016

Timing of election: Upon normal expiry

Expected date of next elections: March 2021

Number of seats at stake: 49 (full renewal)*
*One more seat was added after the elections in accordance with Constitution Amendment Act 2013.

Number of candidates: 171 (147 men, 24 women)

Percentage of women candidates: 14%

Number of parties contesting the election: 2

Number of parties winning seats: 2

Alternation of power: No

Number of parties in government: 1

Names of parties in government: Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP)

Date of the first session of the new parliament: 16 March 2016

Name of the new Speaker: Mr. Le'aupepe Toleafoa Fa'afisi (Human Rights Protection Party, HRPP)
Voter turnout
Round no 14 March 2016
Number of registered electors
Blank or invalid ballot papers
Valid votes
73'132 (73.06%)

Distribution of votes
Round no 1
Political Group Candidates Votes %
Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP)
Tautua Samoa Party (TSP)
Distribution of seats
Round no 1
Political Group Total First session
Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) 35 47
Independents 13 0
Tautua Samoa Party (TSP) 2 3
Distribution of seats according to sex
Percent of women
Distribution of seats according to age
Distribution of seats according to profession
Office of the Electoral Commissioner (05.04.2016)

The figures under "Total" refer to the election results based on each member's nomination as recorded on the ballot papers for the election.
- The number of seats held by the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) includes four candidates elected unopposed;
- The number of independents includes one additional woman who became a member of the Legislative Assembly by virtue of the Constitution Amendment Act 2013.

The figures under "First session" refer to the political composition of the Legislative Assembly at the moment of the first session, held on 16 March 2016.

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