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Sénat (Senate )

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Parliament / Parlement
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Sénat / Senate
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Chambre des Députés / Chamber of Deputies
Electoral Law 7 July 2003
Mode of designation indirectly elected 14
appointed 12
Constituencies (information non available)
Voting system : Members of the Senate shall be citizens of impeccable character possessing the qualities of "inararibonye" who are elected or appointed objectively on the basis of individual merit without regard to political affiliation. They shall be highly skilled in the fields of science, law, economics, politics, sociology, culture or be persons who have held senior positions in the public or private sectors.
Former Heads of State who honourably completed their terms or voluntarily resigned from office become members of the Senate by submitting a request to the Supreme Court.
With regard to Senators elected by the Executive Committees of Sectors, District, Municipality, Town and City Councils, a candidate to be elected must receive an absolute majority of the votes cast during the first round or failing, that a simple majority in the second round which must be organized immediately after the first round.
In the event of an elected Senator's resignation, death, impeachment by a court of law or permanent absence from the Senate on account of any reason when his or her term has a year or more to run, fresh elections are held. In the case of an appointed Senator, the organ which appointed him or her shall determine his or her replacement.
Voter requirements (information non available)
Eligibility - being an inararibonye (higly skilled person);
- having irreproachable morals and probity;
- not having been deprived of civil and political rights;
- being at least forty years old;
- not having been sentenced by a court of last instance to a term of imprisonment of six months or more in respect of which there has been no amnesty or rehabilitation.
Incompatibilities No one shall at the same time be a member of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
The office of a Parliamentarian shall not be compatible with being a member of the Cabinet.
Candidacy requirements (information non available)

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